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Everyone asked; why? It is sad! And it is a Shame!
I don’t feel that I lost, citizens and I feel that we got cheated again the same as the election IN 2004 and 2006.

IT is not about me; it is about our citizens, our state, our country and our Party!

This time, Oklahoma’s first District grassroots movement showed how they WERE disappointed and upset with the Republican County and Sate Chairs and some elected official.s. They didn’t hear my name as a candidate for Congressional First District from the radio, channel 8 ABC, WHEN THEY ANNOUNCED THE List OF ALL the Republican CANDIDATES. They did not find my campaign’s information in the Republican State website for about the first 10 days after my registration, and was not completed and misspelled!!

Those who voted are more upset and thinking about changing their party. And those who did not see me in the media said; it is about the money not the quality and it hurt our party.
Also the news paper Tulsa World did not print the sample ballot in the news paper night before the Election Day as they used to!!!
The voters feel that they are losing their freedom and forced to have the candidate that they do not like, especially my opponent’s school and college classmates and his staff who resigned and quit on him.
History was repeated in a different fashion / TRICK. IF WE HAD A NORMAL PRIMARY we could have 65-75 % OF TOTAL VOTERS PARTICIPATION, then I COULD HAVE THE HIGHEST RATE OF THE VOTERS.
Weeks after the primary, people still don’t know that the primary is over and I lost! They are still sending email and calling me.

I would like to express my deepest appreciation to those who voted for me, and helped my campaign. And to those who called and sent emails to share their feelings about this election. Churches who sent me the word of God, said “do not give up, there is always hope.” Especially for Bartlesville radio station, KW0N, and News Paper who stands for what is right for our party and our country, Sprint and the league of women Voters who organized CONOCO PHILIPS Company’s Forum Event, Channel 6 NBC. Who put my campaign information in their Web site; Channel 2 KRMG, for participating in my Press conference, and my two Democrat opponents for their respect and compliments at the Tulsa World on July 29 2008, and in person. My Thanks always to the Democrat officials who accept my opinion LETTER AND DOCUMENTS, that National Health care is not right for our country, when our Former First Lady Hillary was visiting our state to campaign for her health care plan in 1994. Last but not least; VICKY provided my POLITICAL questioners info. To the public for the people who did not know me, to see what is the difference between me and my opponent.

This is exactly what happened to my Campaign IN 2008:

At the County, District and the State Convention they did not let Candidates announce their Candidacy for the first time IN OUR HISTORY! Later Tulsa county & REPUBLICAN CLUBS invited all of the candidates except me, for their FORUM, DEBATE and interview on the Radio with the a lot of help by our party 's donations and the volunteers.

After my registration ON June 4th, I attended our State HQ’S party, which was ORGANIZED FOR ALL CANDIDATES, THE State Chairman was not happy and was desperately waiting to see if ONE MORE candidate registers in the last minute of registrations’ deadline, it did not happen. Next day citizens called me and said; Fran they did not announce your name as a candidate ON the radio, did you register and pay YOUR fee? I said yes, I did yesterday. They urged me to call to the radio station which I did with no result. Later other citizens called me and asked why your name is not in the Republican State website? I went to Tulsa County HQ, they told me “it takes another week to put your name in website!” I called our State Chairman who we supported to get elected to protect THE CANDIDATE’S RIGHTS and prevent the Illegal activities that Tulsa Republican county " GOP" had before, he said the same, (he did not care even that I received messages from the President by RNC for my Candidacy) when I reminded him about our past conversation regarding one of his employees, he got upset and said to me “I am not going to talk to you anymore” and hung up on me!!! OTHER Conservative Republicans who supported him to get elected are very disappointed in him also.

With all that we still believed that my name was on the ballot next to my opponent and we were going to get what we NEED, BUT LATER WE found OUT THAT MOST PEOPLE DID NOT RECEIVE NOTICE OR AD FROM THE RADIO, NEWS PAPER AND TV ABOUT the VOTING DATE. THAT IS WHY THEY CALLED IT A VERY QUIET ELECTION, EXCEPT SOME SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS WHO RECEIVED SEVERAL CALLS before the election. Our HQ in TULSA AND WASHINGTON County Worked hard to help Senator Inhofe, while they were helping Senator Inhofe they were promoting my opponent at the same time!! Never admitted and were lying from the first day. My own mailer did not know the voting date! so we missed to mail my flyers!
People who were in my watch party and had an experience in the voting process were shocked, disappointed and upset when they saw 0 votes under my name for a while, and said, “Fran this is odd” and left shortly after.
People know, where and how the dirty money was spent.
I was surprised that some elected officials or candidates and a Christian organization supported the candidate who is only against gay marriage and abortion, nothing else about other important Issues. The one who has been elected for 14 years in STATE AND FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, and still in job training. They misled people about the numbers of people (5-6 THOUSAND) who participated for the event “Christian Unite for Israel in Washington” and said my opponent was there!! While the numbers were 3.5 thousand and Jewish Citizens are not happy with him“LAST YEAR WE HAD OVER 4,000 PEOPLE FROM AROUND THE NATION AND THE WORLD my opponent WAS NOT THERE!! And I had a Great time. To me, whoever is not against those issues are worst than terrorist”! That is why I received a lot of Gmail, post cards and calls about those issues while MY answers were in my press Release as; “ I am Conservative Christian, Pro Life and Pro Marriage ONE MAN AND ONE WOMAN.” They asked me; since you answered to all questioners’ questions NOT your opponent, are you against gay marriage and abortion?
During the course I experienced very disrespectful behavior from the TULSA Republican Club Presidents and our chairmen, but I got a very good response from members and the audiences that they did not like THEIR ATTITUDE, AND I GOT THEIR VOTES. I also received a lot of positive response from East, South and North of Tulsa, Wagoner County, Washington County and Roger County’s citizens.
They profaned my flyer “We Cannot Fool God”, that I wrote to the citizens about the fact of what happened in my LAST TWO campaigns, and they threatened me that they could sue me, while most citizens were happy to know that, because citizens felt that there is something wrong in our party or government but they did not know what it was. I also had interruptions in my internet, telephone line, my website, pay pall acount and countinuing to brake my mail box, crashed my American Flag, and find empty envelop with no name and address with some powder shortly after I came back from Washington on September 2008!! A few days before election I received calls from the person who was supposed to send my phone message to our citizens in 2006. He asked me to pay him for the job he did not do. It showed me where it came from and how desperate they were!!

It was my second experience in my whole life to lose everything that I had earned, the first time during the Khomeini regime, and now by our Republican county and state chairmen and my opponents.
I am proud that I can stand for what is right for our country and our party for the sake of our freedom and security, because I am walking with my God. While so many people are working hard and spending a lot of money to work against me, our party, our citizens and our country. Can we really call them conservative Christian, Republican Americans?

Last month I was surprised when our County Commissioner asked me "at my Rotary Club Luncheon", did you rejester this time 2008? And he said I don't remember that I saw your name on the ballot! And he asked me again did you pay and did they chashed your check? I said yes and yes! The same question and info. from my carpenter!! I may find more later!!!

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