American freedom and the economy are tied to Health Care Reform.

With all due respect I do not agree with, the speaker of the house, Nancy Polosy’s speech tonight, as well as the democrat elected officials who support this bill, and are proud of their victory! It’s sad and it’s a shame. I congratulate those Democrats elected officials who work with Republicans to support our freedom and new generation

This bill cost our freedom, businesses and jobs, like socialism leads to communist countries with our broken Medicare that needed supplemental benefits to cover people needs, and BROKEN social security! Is that why they waited for 15 years and did it in a short period of time? In 1994 I was able to convince and collaborate with the Democrat elected official that national health care is not right for our country when Hillary Clinton was visiting our state and campaigning for her health care. I did so based on my knowledge and experience from European countries and through my immediate family. I also explained how we could resolve our broken health care problem! ONE PERSON CAN MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE! We are suffering because of uneducated voters in our country because we do not have enough qualified, knowledgeable, experienced, and passionate elected officials to educate our citizens and work with the other parties! Right now socialist countries have a co-pay system and they try to change their national health care system as well, because their people suffer with high tax, high inflation and a poor quality of health care, especially for elderly with long waiting periods for their dreaded diseases. I believe that Majority or Minority, Republican or Democrat does not make any difference. We are all American first and we have to work together with unity. More than 75% of Americans oppose Public plan/national health care, BECAUSE their freedom is more important than empty promises for NATIONAL health care! They relish every single part of their freedom, the freedom that they EARNED and put their lives on the line for.

I am open to any debates, if they have a stomach!

My response to First Lady Michelle Obama's email to me

Dear Honorable First Lady Michelle Obama;

Thank you for sharing you and President Obama’s beliefs regarding our health care reform with me. I understand your feeling about being citizens being victimized regarding their health care which I was working passionately to resolve these problems since 1992. In 1994 when our former first lady, Hillary Clinton, was visiting our state of Oklahoma and campaigning for her health care, Democrat Elected officials accepted my comments, letters and documents that showed how we could resolve our health care problem, as well as if American people can tolerate national health care.

Since then Congress has not taken any further action to help our citizens! That is why we pay the price.

I admire your passion for victimized citizens as I have since 1992. With all due respect, I am afraid that you and our President have been misinformed about the way we should reform our health care. I am honored to share my experience with you for the sake of our citizens and our new generation.

In 1992, I was a young insurance broker without U.S. citizenship, which came in 1993, but I had a lot of knowledge and experience about European National health care and their life style. I also had learned about the American life style and our insurance problems. Senator Don Nichols sent out the message at the anniversary Oklahoma underwriting health care luncheon that Congress was thinking about national health care, he asked for our opinion. Other experienced brokers asked me not to write to Senator Nichols because they were worried to lose their business. My response to them was “if it is good for everyone, we have to lose our business.”

First Lady Michelle, with all due respect you can help our victimized citizens by educating them why this happened, and the damage that has been done. With a little more patience, you and our President can resolve the problems permanently in the right way for them and for our future. My honest opinion and comments are as follow:

· We need to reform and discipline insurance companies, professional liability and over medicating or over usage of medical equipment, pharmaceutical, ILLEGAL immigrant, stop corruption in Medicare and “ACORN”, over spending in Washington, lobbyist and SPECIAL INTEREST. President Obama said in one state there was only one insurance company out of 1,300 to provide benefits there. It is not only because other insurance companies did not have the ability to provide coverage and benefits for that special state, it could have been because of SPECIAL INTEREST! We have so many examples of this kind of thing.

· Then you and our President could PROVIDE NATIONWIDE, COMPETITIVE rates and benefits, ACCESSIBILITY CLINICS FOR MINOR ILLNESSES TO AVOID EXPENSIVE EMERGENCY ROOMS, and provide prevention and alternative treatments for a healthier population. Otherwise I do not know how our government could afford the cost of the PUBLIC plan and save citizens who already have a good insurance plan! Unless to raise taxes and the limited technology and coverage in our health care system like Europeans and Canadians, as well as creating high inflation and Government control that I believe Americans cannot tolerate while creating a lot of unhappy doctors.

· I would be humbled and honored to provide further information in detail as you wish.
Sincerely yours,
Fran Moghaddam

Fran Moghaddam's Immediate Release 2010

Fran Moghaddam Former Candidate for U.S. Congress;

Enters for 2010 Race for Oklahoma First Congressional
Freedom makes us to do the right things
The parties are not what makes good candidates.
The Candidates make the party good along with the people.
I mean what I say now and I meant what I said in 2006 and 2008
Remember its Congress that makes the Laws not the President
" I do not define myselfe by how many disappointements I've faced.
I difine myself by forgiveness and faith.
I do not define myself by how many times I have been knocked down.
I define myself by how many times I have struggled to my feet.
I am not my pain. I am not my past. I am that which has emerged from the fire."
We are the people, a Nation under one God
We are the leader of the world, not the follower!
Then it's time to Flip this house!
Flip this house 2010 is a campaign to re- instill real values in our natinal Politics. This isn't about Democrats. Republicans or Independents. it's about grassroots, tea-party, freedom- loving Americans uniting behind a common goal of turning the current statist political machine on its head
Our value is simple: Liberty and limited government. We propose a clear state of positions that directly chalang Big Governmet Statism. And we will stand with anyone and everyone who will stand with us in the great struggle against the Ascendency of the State. We want to rally hunderds of thousanda of citizens who are fed up with the statist Government and are ready to take blod politlical actions to filp this house beginling in 2010.
Here's How To Get Flipping...
It all starts with Citzens like you. You are the power. To take a stand you can start by suppporting my campaign for the 2010 Oklahoma First Congrssional Representative. Please visit my website or since my political web have been Hi Jacked.

Last Fourth of July Fran celebrated and honored World War II Heroic Veterans who gave us what we have now. She believes no one would take freedom for granted if they had experienced what she and all the victims of September 11th have experienced.

As of October 15, 2009, Fran’s Candidacy has been officially announced. At the Hilton Tulsa Southern Hills, by The Oklahama Republican Partay and State Chairman, Gary Jones with the Special Guest Spseaker former Congressman J.C. Watts.

Fran’s desire is that all Christian Conservatives "Cherches" support Voter’s Rights. She also wants all Citizens in the first District to receive their candidate’s campaign materials, and phone messages. She wants all of the candidate’s names to appear on the ballets. She asks for State and Tulsa County GOP & Media fairness in this term for the sake of our Citizens’ Rights, and our young and new generation.

She is a Strong Republican Grassroots, Conservative Christian, as well as a supporter of Pro life (opposing abortion) and pro marriage, between one man and one woman. She prides herself on her family values, honesty, integrity, royalty and faith, always putting her children first and now her two grandsons. Her elder son was attending Kim Bolton School in Cambridge England, when he decided to continue his higher education in the U.S. Fran with her husband‘s support, transferred her younger son from American school in Teheran Iran to Cassia Hall school in Tulsa. Fran and her sons later went on to graduated from the University of Tulsa.

Fran grew up in a privileged family when Iran was the best friend of America and President Reagan. She was honored with the privilege of political asylum by the United States Government in 1985 and attained U.S. Citizenship in 1993. She earned a B.S. degree in Management Science at the University of Tulsa in 1983 and AA Business Administration at the Rogers State College in 1980. She has been a business owner in the insurance field since 1987. Fran has an extensive background in the widely debated insurance market as well as having firsthand knowledge of the real concerns facing citizens today, especially our senior citizens, Veterans, and Indian Americans.

Moghaddam has been an active volunteer in campaigns for numerous Republican candidates, both federals and Governor. She has also successfully collaborated with conservative Democratic government officials regarding National Health in 1994. other wise we had a Noational health care since!! She is a member of the Republican National Committee, R. Senatorial Committee, and a nominated life member in the Republican National Committee and honors the no fewer than 27,000 Republican men and women who were compliant in 2006. She resently honered to recieved the RNC Gold Card as a most dedicated members from the RNC Chairman Mr. Micheal Steele. As a strong supporter of GOP since 2004 she has received several high and highest honor Certificates of MERIT, and Appreciation for her dedication, sacrifice and commitment from President George W. Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, and RNC Chairmen.

She is a member of local Republican clubs, a Grass Roots Leader, member of the Rotary Club, Eagle Forum, American Value, Christian Untied forIsraele and Gun..OK 2A., as well as being involved with the World War II Veterans’ Club. Moghaddam has served on the Tulsa Mayor’s Task Force regarding issues pertaining to parenting, public safety and environmental concerns. Certainly with 9-11 in America’s history, public safety issues are at the forefront of future planning. She is # 118 Preinct Caucus Chairwoman.

I am honest and dedicated to our citizens and our country. Through my toughest experience as a minority candidate in 2004, 2006, and 2008, I supported our party’s principles civil reform, human rights, and our constitution and pursued basic Republican values. I believe that God allows us to experience problems for the purpose of building our character and moral fiber (Romans 5:3-4).

Fran has acquired working knowledge of International Languages, Europeans’ national health care plan and life styles, inflation, government control, Middle East religions, customs, economics and politics.

People who have known Fran for over 31 years know her passion for the children and understand her deep desire to serve and help others and one who is knowledgeable on health care and other issues. They recognize also that as a woman and an immigrant from a non western country, she will bring an element of diversity that is lacking in our party. Our leaders, and our presidents, frequently emphasized the need for us to reach out to voters beyond the white male and native born mainstream.

I am eternally grateful to my almighty God and the United States for my many blessings. I want to give back to my God chosen home, the United States of America, by serving on the U.S. House of Representatives. My mission is to bring compassion, compromise, cooperation and care with respect and discipline to resolve all our domestic issues.
Without Security, Nothing Else Matter, I relish every single freedom because I have Experienced what happens when feedom is taken away!!

The issues of greates concern to me, because they affect many of our Citizens' lives, are as gollows;

**Homeland and National Security

**Health care reform - I am an advocate for providing the best nationwide health care system to the public with a high emphasis on senior citizens, Veterans, and Indian American, and to reduce the cost of medicine. health care reform is tide to our freedom and economic.

** Taxing People: Fran operates under the principle my nick name is fair and my Middle name is discipline to encourage the government to use fiscal discipline to stop overspending, corruption, special interests, create a fair tax system, grow the economy, and provide more business and jobs.

** Marriage, family, parenting, education and school are all related. We must enhance parenting skills to prevent children from facing current problems. By challenging and improving education standards we can provide our children with greater future opportunities, and meet the teacher’s needs.

**Energy - We need to reduce our dependency upon foreign oil. Since we receive 60% of our oil from other countries, we must continue our search for new energy resources within the United States, DRILLING now and use our naturale sorcesess, development of new technology in this area if needed.

**Illegal Immigrant - The damage has been done for over 3o years. We need to secure our borders and under ground tunnels with our neighbors cooperation.

**Strong immigration Law – As far as the illegal immigrants that are already here, we need to identify them! Remember it is congress that makes the Law, not the President. One person can make a big different.

**Support our farmers to provide healthy (organic) products for a healthier population.


- I won't make false promises to you regarding our government.
- I don't show preferences to friends or to Special Interests.
- I will respond to your request, opinions, and complaints.
- I will never leave my audience, whom I invited to hear me, without answering their questions!
- I will always tell you the truth even though sometimes it is not pleasant.
- I will never disrespect our President, or put our country down.
- I never cheat, corrupt, or tell you what you want to hear just to please you.
- I never let anyone dictate to me what my issues are!
- I believe this seat is NOT a career seat and it belongs to YOU. “term limit”
- I never hide. I will always be ready to debate the issues we are facing.
- I will honor my staff and respect their support for never resigning.
- I do not allow my staff or my supporters to disrespect, or harm my opponents.
- I am not after the TITLE OR MONEY.
- I feel that this is my mission for this great nation.
- I will arrange a meeting at least bi-monthly to visit with YOU, answer YOUR questions, and educate and inform you about the issues.

Ann Archer / Fran Moghaddam
Fran for Freedom

Letter to President Obama

Dear President Obama,

First let me congratulate you on receiving the Nobel Peace Prize. It is not too late for you to earn that the way that you want and feel great about it! Just pray about it and send help to Afghanistan and rescue Iranians from torturing and killing for God’s sake.

Based on our communication online, I believe that I cleared everything up for you regarding our Health Care Reform, Parenting, Abortion, Insurance companies, Medicare, professional liabilities, illegal immigrants, tax payer reguest, corruption, overspending, lobbyist, special interest. Your response in your speech was promising and assured me, and the American citizens.

Now conservative citizens in both parties believe that because you are under pressure and your word is not respected by liberals and believe that the reasons you push public plan is because the Speaker of the House, Senator Reid and Michael Moore, who I saw on the Hannity show and I feel that he is a good man with the wrong philosophy, try to cover illegal immigrant’s health care, pay for abortion and refuse professional liabilities’ reform, and also do not care if we’re winning in the war and human rights for Iranians who supported you. They push our country toward communism by training our students to sing about high tax and China!

I would like to recommend the following suggestions, if I may, in regards to certain issues for the sake of our unity and freedom:

- When identifying illegal immigrants it is not right to send the police after them to make another mess! As you know the damage has been done for over 30 years thanks to our congress! We need to offer the ones that are already here some form of short legalization and go from there, instead of giving them amnesty which is available as they wish.

- To stop paying for abortion!! We need to prevent unwanted pregnancies, help women who are already pregnant, save unborn children and spend money for family and parenting skills.
Right now, doctors are forced to rush patients through their offices. They don’t have time to establish effective communication with their patents for a good report. We need more doctors.
Keeping attorneys busy with lawsuits is NOT a feasible way of ensuring good health care.
We should not punish our citizens, because of corrupt companies and organizations, by making them pay high taxes and not have proper health care and their freedom. We should do the opposite.

Please view the following videos regarding our soldiers in Afghanistan, Iran and Health Care:

American troops in Afghanistan losing heart, say army chaplains

British News Report of Iran Prisoner Conditions

Ronald Reagan and ObamaCare - Against Socialized Medicine

Letter to President Obama about Parenting, Health Care Reform, Iran and Afghanistan

Mr. President, your speech on Saturday, September 26, 2009, was very encouraging for our parents, especially those who are in black communities. We definitely need parenting skills for the sake of our young and new generations. We should also know that teachers can not raise our children and neither can our government. Some of our teachers already have childhood issues of their own and need to be evaluated and get help, such as further education, support and treatment just like some of our parents need too. Unfortunately, it goes for at least 3 or 4 generations. Your speech should also educate some of our black well educated (PHD) who teach students in very negative ways like they taught students in a 1-3 hour special class that they will always be negro, and Clinton is the black president at the time! I witnessed this when I participated in a huge ceremony in Tulsa for Dr. King’s birthday in 2006 during my campaign. I also have experience with some black single mothers who do a great job at raising their children to become successful and well educated.

Mr. President, I am glad that the number of uninsured people in the U.S. went from 46,000,000 to 10,000,000, but I believe it’s even lower! I PARTICIPATED in a demonstration put together by Move On in Tulsa, Oklahoma which was called Big Insurance. When I arrived I started to talk to a couple of citizens carrying big signs who were against insurance fraud. While I’m talking to them both sides of the street had crowds of people, one side was Democrat and the other side was Republican. They were shouting at each other. The republican side called over for me, “Ms. Fran, Ms. Fran”. While I was talking to the other side, the democrat side, I saw my Democratic opponent from 2008 and I waved. I went to the Republicans side and was pleased to see some people that I knew and I introduced myself to those that I did not know. I gave them my advice that we need to work together, and how it is not about the parties. I explained to them about 1994 when we had a majority of Democrats in the government while Hillary was campaigning for her health care, and how the Democrats accepted my opinion that National health was and is not right for our country. We do not need to trash each other or shout at each other. We need to work together. We are all Americans. We have enough enemies to deal with. They asked me why I do not tell democrats the same things I said to them. They encouraged me to go ahead and talk to the other side of street, the Democrat side, who were shouting at the Republicans. I started talking to them and introducing myself to the people that they did not know me. I handed out my campaign card to them. The third person told me to keep my card and that they did not like the elephant picture on it. I told him “it is not about an elephant or a donkey. It is about us, Americans. You don’t have to keep it, but please read my letters to President Obama on my website.” He accepted that and I was very pleased, because sometimes when I handed my campaign card to my incumbents supporters they gave me it back! It means they do not like to know if there is someone better or worse than him. It means it does not matter who he is they want him anyway, like my own pastor!! Next one asked why I don’t join them. I said to him I would like to clean up my party and work with your party as well like I did in 1994, and then I explained what happened in 1994. I asked them to not shout at the republican. We are all Americans. We need to work together. We have enough enemies to deal with. We are not enemies of each other. People started telling me, “You are a brave woman.” At least run as an Independent when your party does not know your value! I have heard that from several organizations in Washington D.C., Dallas and Oklahoma, as well, but not from special interest! We had a peaceful demonstration and police officers were happy after the situation that had occurred before I arrived!

Mr. President, people from both parties accept the facts and the truth about health care reform, because they love their country and their freedom. Congress waited for 15 years and we had more victims like you mentioned in your speech. Should I push my luck and ask you did you really try to help our health care as a senator during the last 15 years? Don’t you believe that we have more soldiers that are in more danger than our patients right now? Just because we waited for three months to send more soldiers to Iraq does not mean that we have to wait the same period of time to send soldiers to Afghanistan because it was the experimental task at that time, not now. We have the experience now and need to act fast to save our soldiers’ lives and have victory, as President R. Reagan said, “Of the four wars in my lifetime, none came about because the U.S. was too strong.” Also, as you and the French President said, “We are the richest country in the world, powerful and the leader of freedom in the world.” Don’t you believe it’s because we are capitalist country and have a free country with very high faith?

Don’t you believe that we have expensive and unfair insurance policy FRAUD? Don’t you believe that we have the same problem with our Medicare? Don’t you believe we need to stop corruption first, like Acorn? Then take care of insurance companies, Medicare, reform professional liability, identify our illegal immigrants and many other areas! We could then have everything that you and our citizens NEED, and want. Don’t you believe that our high level elected officials should respect your word and the promises you’ve made to me and our citizens about our senior citizens’ and to not interfere with our legislation? They need to act as mature and understanding people with my five words; compassion, compromise, cooperation, care with discipline and respect! Instead they act like stubborn children and they want to do whatever they want because they have power, even though it’s not right FOR OUR COUNTRY AND it is against your promises and your word from your speech! We do not need to punish or send our citizens to jail that could not, or would not buy insurance. We could discipline them by not providing charity and free emergency room, and providing them with jobs, job training, and health prevention by specialist. Liberals or some Hollywood people should not feel that just because they supported you to get elected that they own you and push you to change our free country to a communist country. Even socialists do not like some Hollywood people’s ideology about health care. We know they do not want Iran to become free again, us to keep our freedom or for us to win in Afghanistan or Iraq. What it should tell you is that they support Russia and China like Amadijejad. They should know that they are not the only ones who supported you. They are not all 68% of the American voters.

Do you believe the young, intelligent, beautiful, healthy Iranians should be tortured and get killed because they want their freedom? The country use to demonstrate and sent out messages like death to America, but NOW NEW GENERATIONS SAY IN THEIR HUGE DEMONSTRATIONS, DEATH TO RUSSIA AND CHINA. Mr. Carter started this issue in Iran and I hope you finish it up for the sake of all countries in the Middle East and the world. They also are asking, Where are our votes?” SHOULD I ask the same here IN TULSA, “Where are my votes?” Watch the following videos that I have received. They are heartbreaking.




In conclusion I would like to ask you a favor if I could. I have told and received emails regarding some powerful people spreading a virus to make people sick just so they can make a vaccine and make money from it. At the U.N., President Gaddafi said the same story in his speech. He also said that you are their son. Would you please investigate this matter and find out how they are?

God Bless America

President Obama Assured Me That He Wasn't Spending Tax Payer Money On Abortions and Illegal Immigrant Health Insurance

Mr. President Obama, PLEASE do not forget that I was the only one that started working on our health care reform in 1992 responding to R. Senator Don Nicolas’ request. In 1993, I shared letters and documents with D. Senator David Boren, as his office requested, that were based on my experience, knowledge and passion for this great nation.

I am so glad that President Obama assured me that he is not spending our tax payer’s money on abortions and illegal immigrant health insurance. He’s also continuing to work and respect Republicans. He appreciated R. Senator McCain’s proposal, based on his experience, to make the best and safe coverage for our citizens, such as: nationwide benefits with lower premiums, better benefits and lowering the cost of medicine for all legal citizens, which I believe is very possible. To achieve this monumental task we also need to provide alternative treatments by specialists like Nutrition Doctors, soft tissue specialists, etc., as a part of our insurance benefits to reduce the cost of insurance which would in turn cause us to have a healthier population and save time for our doctors.

First things first, we need to stop corruption, and insurance and Medicare fraud, as well as, overspending and professional liabilities"we need to have patient’s rights", lobbyist and special interest.

I always respect people, especially our President and the White House. I do not like to see anyone using abusive language to disrespect our president. I was soooo upset and ashamed as an American when Liberals had such ugly language and bad attitudes towards our President Bush and other elected officials. They have never apologized. I would also like to ask Mr. David Axelrod, the White House senior advisor if Sandi Shieh was representing all Americans? I respect the White House senior advisor’s opinion and expect he respect the citizens’ opinion as well. We could not deny millions of Americans, Republicans, Democrats and Independents who put their time, money and effort to share their requests with their elected officials who are supposed to share and consult the most important issues with their voters and show their respect and care.

I believe we paid a huge price and have waited for over 15 years, and I agree with some Americans who cannot wait any more. We are mature and must understand that we cannot rush to the wrong solution and pay for the rest of our lives. Who do we need to blame? Congress who makes the Law, not our President.

I have to report that as long as I can remember there has been enough insurance companies that have been providing short term (1 - 18 months) major medical insurance which is designed for students and people who are between jobs. There are some young and healthy people who also have a high faith in our almighty God and would not like to spend their money for health insurance. There are some groups of people who do not know what their priorities are and they would rather spend their money in bars every night after work or buy a luxury car, and then claim that they do not have money or can not afford health insurance! It only leaves us with a small portion of our citizens who do not have insurance for different reasons, which is very easy to cover the needs of those few that do not currently have it.

Tea Party Express at Labor Day, and Iranian Freedom

Tea Party Express at LABOR DAY, Friday, September 4th

Labor Day, the day America celebrates 233 years of freedom, yet freedom is a privilege most Americans take for granted, but not me as a candidate for Oklahoma U.S. House of Representatives 1st District for the 3rd time. I relish every single freedom because I have experienced what happens when freedom is taken away, after I left Teheran (Iran) in 1978.

No matter what, we have to stand up for our freedom for the sake of our senior citizens, and our young and new generations.

My house has been under attack since 2006. This past Monday night someone broke into my car, which was in my garage, and took all my valuable, personal belongings. It cost me a huge price. However, it did not discourage me from going on my trip to Dallas for the Tea Party Express, which I had promised to show my support and celebrate our freedom, as well as share my views with them on that unique and special day.

September 4th is very special to me because;

1) God gave me a very special gift at an early age, my first born son.

2) That day the Tea Party Express made my dream come true after seventeen years of working hard with passion and care to convince Democrat elected officials, when Hillary Clinton was campaigning for her health care in our state of Oklahoma, that National Health care is not right for our country in 1994. I witnessed thousands of Dallas’ citizens in all ages and races shouting out and supporting what I have believed since 1992. There was the most beautiful music, including Gov. Huckabees’ music team, and the citizens were dancing, singing and sending our message about health care reform to the nations while they were celebrating our freedom. I am sure it was and will be the same in other states, as well as in Washington D.C. on 9/12.

What a great answer from my mighty God to the aspiration that I have. Thanks to the President of the Tea Party Express, Glenn Beck and all conservative groups and talk shows.

What I saw in Dallas was not like what we see on video or TV, it was real and phenomenal. I was singing and dancing with them to share my happiness at the same time I was praising God who used me for this purpose or plan. He sent me a message in my 40 days of praying and said “I give you knowledge, experience and education to share with others, not to keep for yourself. Anything I have done since 1978 in united State of America was God’s plan, not mine, except my education.

***I know that President Obama is under severe pressure from his people in the White House and his administration in one hand, and on the other hand the American citizens. That is why he did not make a final decision yet for our health care, while we need to correct some issues before and during to reform our health care. I know he does not want to give tax payers money to doctors and hospitals for illegal immigrants until we identify them, then they could pay for their own insurance. He also doesn’t want to pay tax payer to kill babies until we prevent unnecessary pregnancy, and help and educate parents to better raise their children. I know he wants all Americans to be secure and have coverage for their health care, but we won’t until we stop corruption, lobbyist, special interest, overspending, abortion with the coopration of whoever is involved with our health care system such as some insurance companies, hospiatal administration, lawyers, pharmaceutical, nurses, and doctors. At the end of the day I know President Obama wants to encourage students to have a better education, avoid drug and alcohol, and respect their parents and teachers, and then if they need anything else contact the President.

What happened then, and what is going on in Teheran, Iran now!

What is the plan for Iranians from Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C. on September 23th in New York?

Recently I watched Glenn Beck and David Horowitz’s discussions on fox news. They were talking about their family backgrounds and their experiences with being a Democrat and communism. Now they use their experiences to help our country, which made me wonder if I can share my experiences about my family and Iranian revolutions which came from former American Democrat President Carter and his administrations.

I was born and raised in Teheran, Iran in a privileged family when Iran was the best friend of America and President Reagan. My elder son was attending Kim Bolton School in Cambridge, England when he decided to continue his higher education in the U.S. My husband and I supported, and transferred my younger son from American school in Teheran, Iran, to Cassia Hall School in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where we all three graduated from the University of Tulsa. Shorty after I came to Tulsa I was told by Iranian students at the University of Tulsa that there is a crisis in Teheran and some other states of Iran. I could not believe it at the time because when I left Teheran on August 12, 1978 Teheran was so beautiful and good. The only thing that made me worry was my mother’s breast cancer at the age of 60. Until my husband came to the United States at Christmas time to spend a few months with us as we had planned. At the same time we saw on TV that the Shah of Iran was leaving Teheran for a vacation and coming to the United States as Mr. Carter advised him!!

To make a long story short, I believe terrorism in the Middle East started with Mr. Carter and his administration by removing the Shah of Iran who was a good friend of America. As President Reagan said in 1979, “we lost our best friend in the Middle East”. Carter then replaced him with Khomeini to abuse and destroy millions of Iranians’ homes and families, who are Shieah, Christian, Jewish, etc... Khomeini also gave the power to the Arab countries who are mostly Sunni, who have killed their own Prophet Mohammad’s immediate family for the power. At the same time they hurt the American economy, while the price of Iranians’ oil barrels went down from $29-32 to $5-6.

For their ideas to succeed they brain–washed young / college students and went door to door to the lower class of Iranian people who were living comfortably, and told them if you help us to remove the Shah, you will receive $1,000 (IRANIAN DOLLARS) PER FAMILY MEMBER EACH MONTH, AND YOU WOULD NOT NEED TO WORK AT ALL FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!! They were used, and fooled into the story that they had a rich country because of their lack of political knowledge, as well as their lack of education. Does that sound familiar? Shortly after revolution they were poorer and could not even afford to buy bread, and they were afraid to talk for fear of losing their life. This all happened thanks to Mr. Carter, who is building a home for poor people so he could justify his actions. After 30 years, suffering Iranian families, and young generations support President Obama in belief that they will get back their freedom.

I have received the following info from reliable sources:

1. The Garden of Khavaran (Persian)

“Khavaran”, located on a hillside south of Tehran, is one of the known mass graves of political prisoners executed by the Islamic Republic of Iran. Families of the executed call it a garden since whenever they leave the hillside is covered with flowers. In the summer of 1988, new mass graves were discovered in Khavaran. The first signs that something was happening in Iran's prisons came in late July when families were suddenly denied their regular visits. Their endless efforts to track their children only ended months later when they were summoned to receive their children's clothing and perhaps a last will. Today we know that in the summer of 1988, for more than two months, a "death commission" appointed by Ayatollah Khomeini, went from prison to prison and conducted two to three minute re-trials. Thousands, many of whom had finished their sentences, were sent to the gallows. The Garden of Khavaran is a tribute to the thousands of political prisoners who were massacred in 1988 in Iran's prisons and to their families. “Khavaran”, located on a hillside south of Tehran, is one of the known mass graves of political prisoners executed by the Islamic Republic of Iran. Families of the executed call it a garden since whenever they leave the hillside is covered with flowers. In the summer of 1988, new mass graves were discovered in Khavaran. The first signs that something was happening in Iran's prisons came in late July when families were suddenly denied their regular visits. Their endless efforts to track their children only ended months later when they were summoned to receive their children's clothing and perhaps a last will. Today we know that in the summer of 1988, for more than two months, a "death commission" appointed by Ayatollah Khomeini, went from prison to prison and conducted two to three minute re-trials. Thousands, many of whom had finished their sentences, were sent to the gallows. The Garden of Khavaran is a tribute to the thousands of political prisoners who were massacred in 1988 in Iran's...all » “Khavaran”, located on a hillside south of Tehran, is one of the known mass graves of political prisoners executed by the Islamic Republic of Iran. Families of the executed call it a garden since whenever they leave the hillside is covered with flowers. In the summer of 1988, new mass graves were discovered in Khavaran. The first signs that something was happening in Iran's prisons came in late July when families were suddenly denied their regular visits. Their endless efforts to track their children only ended months later when they were summoned to receive their children's clothing and perhaps a last will. Today we know that in the summer of 1988, for more than two months, a "death commission" appointed by Ayatollah Khomeini, went from prison to prison and conducted two to three minute re-trials. Thousands, many of whom had finished their sentences, were sent to the gallows. The Garden of Khavaran is a tribute to the thousands of political prisoners who were massacred in 1988 in Iran's prisons and to their families.

2. New Song for Iran's courageous Protest

3. Part 1 of 6 - Iran & The West
Part 2 of 6 - Iran & The West
Part 3 of 6 - Iran & The West
Part 4 of 6 - Iran & The West
Part 5 of 6 - Iran & The West
Part 6 of 6 - Iran & The West

4. Story of a young Iranin, Torture and Rape in Prison of Islamic Regime

This is another chilling story by a courageous Iranian woman who was arrested after the 1979 revolution when she was only 16 years old and kept in jail for 4 years under torture and sexual abuse. She shares her sad story so the world knows the criminal Islamic Republic of Iran and to inspire other Iranian women and men who have been victims of this criminal government to come forward. Please ask your representative and leaders not to deal with this oppressive and criminal government. THE WORLD MUST NOT REMAIN SILENT TO THIS KIND OF CRUELTY. PLEASE TAKE A STAND AND SPEAK OUT AGAINST THESE THUGS! +++Story of Ms. Minoo Homaily, Torture and Rape in Prison of Islamic Regime +++In this Interview Ms. Homaily talks about her experience in Prison. Minoo Homaily was arrested in early days of 1979 revolution when she was 16.She was arrested as a result of search of my purse by a Revolutionary Guard and finding a leftist opposition article.She spent her adolescence years in prisons of Sanandaj, Isfahan, and Qom.She was finally freed after 4 years.She migrated to Canada in 1999. She is now a consultant for refugees in Toronto.

The above info and videos is enough proof for what Iranians went through and they deserve to have their human rights. Now we all know the Iranian protest for the fraudulent presidential election of Ahmadinejad & the illegitimacy of his government, and also to let the voices of the people of Iran against the Islamic regime of Iran and its recent horrific atrocities be heard. On the 23rd of September Iranians from Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C. will be joined together in front of the UN in New York City to send their message to the nation.

So God help President Obama to have peace in the Middle East and with the Iranian people.


I am honored to invite President Obama to Tulsa, Oklahoma to have a friendly debate. We as Oklahomans are good hosts. I would like to share my experience and knowledge with you, like I did with Democrat elected officials in 1994, to make the right decisions at this critical and sensitive time for the sake of our citizens, especially senior citizens, Veterans, those who are handicapped, American Indians and our young and new generations.

Mr. President, the request/message you sent out regarding some Insurance companies’ exclusion and limitation in working with R. Senator McCain and R. Secretary of Defense to support our WW II heroic veterans and our soldiers was faltering and good signs to start working together.

Since I became a health insurance provider (Broker) and small business owner in 1987, managing a successful brokerage of health insurance to individual, companies, government and non-profit organizations, my passion has been to insure all Americans with affordable and comparative health care benefits. It is the moral and ethical thing to do, not just to make money and have a successful business. Through my work, I have become very familiar with the problems of small businesses and have learned a great deal about the complex issue of our health care. It was my concern about this issue that led me into politics. From my day-to-day work, and from observation of the problems of my family/relatives and friends who live in southern and northern Europe, Canada and countries with a government run national health services for a long period of time; 25 to over 100 years. I knew that the kind of health care system proposed by the Clintons would be wrong for this country.

In 1992, Senator Don Nickels approached Oklahoma health care brokers at our Oklahoma Underwriting Anniversary luncheon for input regarding our nation’s health care system. Being an insurance broker, I was eager to comply with detailed letters and documents to Senator Nickels and other elected officials, including Senator David Boren and Congressman Inhofe. I was the only one from over 23,000 agents and brokers setting forth my views on this crucial matter. Based upon these letters, I was asked by the insurance industry group to participate in demonstrations and meeting at the State Capitol. I had lengthy and fruitful discussions with State Representatives, Speaker of the House, Mr. Glover and Laura Boyd. This led in turn, to my preparing materials in anticipation of former first lady Hillary Clinton’s visit to our state in 1994 to campaign for her health care plan. Later Governor Frank Keating showed his satisfaction of my efforts.

My extensive background in this widely debated market as well as having firsthand knowledge of the real concerns facing citizens, especially our Senior Citizens, Veterans, handicap and American Indians. We need to work together to better equip our policy makers with information and facts regarding the national health care crisis being faced by our nation. We need to report that there are insurance companies nationwide that can provide a variety of competitive benefits, rates and services to cover our citizens’ needs.

The reason that not all Americans can afford to buy Insurance and how Congress and the President could help and get involved to resolve our health care system are as follow:
** Prevent American Health: Prevention is NOT only to have a check up every year but to also discover any illnesses early; sometimes it’s too late to treat the illness that they may already have! We need to educate citizens on a healthy lifestyle before they become ill, a diabetic, obese, or develop muscular problems or worse, need surgery. This should be the responsibility of specialists, like Nutritionists, Soft Tissue Specialists, etc., who can maintain patients’ health at an affordable cost by using alternative treatments. Policy insurance companies should provide the right services that citizens could get aid from and have accessibility to clinics for minor illnesses.
** Protect Citizen’s Health from Chemicals: If we use organic products (chemical free), help farmers, clean our water, air and environment and especially not over medicating patients or administering unnecessary vaccines to prevent side effects. I have received from very reliable conservative organization that right now our children are using drugs and unnecessary medicine instead of getting good nutrition, exercise, love and care.

** RUSH TO… stop over spending, stop corruption, stop insurance fraud, stop lobbyist, stop professional liability and use another method for patients rights, resolve illegal immigrants who cost us a huge amount of money in our health care and homeland security by identifying them, stop spending money for abortions.

** Discipline hospital administration, insurance companies, pharmaceuticals, and nurses in our health care system to create a doctor-patient relationship with all patients. We are able to provide the best quality of services and an affordable health care system for Americans when a relationship is established, then we need to use emergency rooms for the people that have insurance because all the money comes from our pockets, and not a charity, to provide health care for people without insurance. We have to provide jobs with adequate job training, so they can afford insurance of their own.

Why we SHOULD NOT refuse other party votes to pass the law?

It is un-American! We were all Americans before we became a Republican, Democrat or Independent. They all represent our citizens. We all know there are unqualified elected officials. We need to clean the house. Term limit also is the answer!

Why we SHOULD NOT have National health?

Americans are hard workers, big hearted and have paid a huge price for their freedom to make our country the leader of the world, not the followers. Americans are not used to waiting in long lines at the post office, to purchase the expensive basic necessities ($16 for raw chicken, $7 for a loaf of bread, etc.), to see their doctor, to get their medicine or to have surgery. My family tells about their Government giving them orders on what they can do or not do! For example, in Sweden when a citizen has allergies the Government asks to remove their carpet and put down hard wood flooring. Can we do that here? I have learned many times from our citizens when they said to me, “this is my life and my fun”, when I try to advise them.

Americans can’t tolerate to pay high prices for gas ($7 per gallon), and taxation. Sixteen or seventeen years ago, Margaret Teacher, the former Prime Minister of England was in Tulsa, Oklahoma and gave us info on how national health care effected their taxation.

Americans like to go to restaurants for lunch and dinner, but Europeans can’t afford it. Fourteen years ago, my 12 year old nephew came to Tulsa from Stockholm to visit me. He loves lobster. He enjoyed being able to have a whole lobster. In Sweden they have to pay a lot of money for a very small dish. It reminds me of a time about 12 years ago when I called my cousin in Geneva to talk to her husband, a Swiss √©lan doctor, about the health issue that I had. He offered for me to come there for a free check up and said that he learns from Americans. My own brother, who lives in London, had a heart attack. Should he wait for 6 - 7 months before he can have surgery? My aunt fell in a London street and broke her hips. Her son struggled seeing his mother’s IV having to be pulled out. She was 72 years.

The following is a video that explains the national health care that is used in Canada, the same health care system that is being proposed for us today.

Click here to view:

Fran Moghaddam's Health Care Reform

Abortion and Parent Hood Organization:

Paying for Abortion by National Health Care is un-American

Over the past few years, I have attended a few conservative summits in Washington D.C. where I have learned of the large amounts of money that the Parent Hood organization has sadly used to operate abortions. Since 1990, I have obtained my own experiences as a Mayor Task Force member, as well as working with non-profit organizations (such as Teen Pregnancy, Parent Child Center & Alcohol, Drug & Sexual Abuse) with over-spending issues such as this. Most recently, I gained experience by working with organization’s who are working to help children whose parents are in jail. My heart goes out to all victimized children in our country as a “world leader”, as well as the children in the rest of the world.

How can we prevent and resolve these problems? The following info is my view on the avenues that we have to consider and act upon:

- I believe the Parent Hood Organization tries to prevent, or stop, children who have no chance of having a parent, or parents, with parenting skills to be brought into this world. They don’t want them to have a miserable life style, later to become school dropouts, join gangs or become drug dealers, end up in jail or worse, get involved with terrorism. Those children could affect others in our society as well, while becoming the target of our enemies. I also strongly believe this is not the right way to prevent the problem that we are facing now.

- Stop unnecessary pregnancy (teen pregnancy, overnight business to use government money to survive, or get pregnant by force and using children for the huge money from child support)

When we prevent these unreal businesses, we won’t need to have abortions unless the mother’s health is at risk, which is very rare in the 21st century or put our children’s life in jeopardy.

We need to put our time, efforts, passion and love, and the huge amount of money that is spent (in a very wrong way “for Abortion”), to help parents by educating, supporting, training and treating them for the sake of our children and our students. This could have a very strong positive effect on our education, school system, and health care system. Napoleon Bonaparte once said, “Mother could shake the baby carriage with one hand and shake the world with her other hand.”

If we work together we could get this result. I know how it feels to be ignored, interrupted, denied and sabotaged for your help and effective program that benefits our party and our citizens. I also know that in a bought party we have unqualified elected officials who hurt our citizens and our country, and when we fight and trash each other we lose everything and make our enemy happy and successful. We need to clean the house instate to exclude each other to vote or pass the law. After all we are all American first, before we became Democrat, Republican or Independent.

Mr. President Obama,

I am agreeing with you that our health care reform is not about you, it is about our citizens, our freedom and our country, and it is not about politics, Democrats, Republicans or Independents. It is about Americans. I also agree that our health care is not good for everyone, nor is it broken. My question is; who was/is responsible for that? Remember, it is congress that makes the Law! They had debates for 15 years and could not make their own mind up, how can they make it RIGHT in such a short time? Unless we think that they put it on hold for 15 years and then now they try to quickly make what they want happen!! Like our illegal immigrants they did not do anything to prevent or resolve the problem and denied President Reagan’s proposal for amnesty. Now it is a big part of our health care crisis.

Click here:

I don’t believe that National Health care could resolve the problem that we are facing now, as a matter of fact, it would make it worse. Americans are big hearted and intelligent, and they do not want to lose their freedom. I am sure you want the same. I will be happy to prove what I said is the truth, nothing but the truth.

I am open to any questions regarding these issues.

Since I became an insurance provider (Broker), my passion has been to insure all Americans with affordable healthcare with a high emphasis on senior citizens and veterans, because it is the moral and ethical thing to do, not to just make money and have a business. “You can’t put a price tag on an American dream, that dream is the heart and soul of Americans, it’s the promise that keeps our nation forever good and generous, a model and hope to the world.”
President Ronald Reagan October 22, 1986

As a model and hope to the world; by Compassion, Compromise, Cooperation and Care with the Respect and Discipline, we could resolve all our domestic issues that we are facing now.

After a 15 year debate and after I have convinced democrat elected officials that National health care is not right for our country when Hillary was visiting our state “Oklahoma” and campaigning for her health care in 1994! Now they want to push in and have National health care!!

Now is the time that I need to share my experience and extensive background in this widely debated market, as well as having firsthand knowledge of the real concerns facing citizens to make aware and convince President Obama what we need to do for our citizens. Maintaining a high emphasis for our senior citizens and veterans and keep our free choices in our free country with high quality of insurance for all American insurers.

We cannot ask the government to do everything for us, otherwise we are asking for socialism and communism.

As President Kennedy said, “What can you do for your country?” I have done a good job in 1994 and I can do my job again for the sake of our Citizens, our freedom, our young and new generations.

We should not encourage our citizens to have national health care since they don’t have a clue what they are going to face with those good looking benefits which are unreal!!

Why? Because, they do not know then they have to pay $7 for a gallon of gas, high tax and extreme inflation that they could hardly put the food on their table and government control like the Europeans adopted for all their lives. We cannot change American lifestyle over night to socialism and communism. We cannot lower the quality of our healthcare or wait for the dreaded disease treatment for over 6 months with a bunch of unhappy doctors and less technology. See the video! Click here to view:

President R. Reagan said, “the most terrifying word in the English language is: I am from the Government and I am here to help.”

I am an advocate for providing the best health care system to the public. We need to reform what we have now to cover all American citizens, including senior citizens and veterans.

How? I believe in order to achieve this monumental task we need to analyze why the cost of insurance is so high and why all American/illegal Immigrants do not have insurance?

There are several factors that we need to prevent, and resolve to achieve to our goal.
First, to support the fight against corruption and over spending, and lobbyist, and would use that money for health care, education, and parenting.

Second, identify illegal immigrants that are already here to save money for our health and car insurance by devising an identification method, one that simply identifies the illegal’s and does not give them amnesty (details of my proposed method are available). They have been here for over thirty years, making money, but they cannot buy health and car insurance because they are illegal. If we used our proposed identification method, we would drastically reduce the number of uninsured, while protecting our citizen’s security.

Third, to stop all the money we spend on Medicare for senior citizens and veterans insurance, and pay that money to veterans and senior citizens so that they can provide health insurance for themselves; excluding the middle man and corrupt people. This way they can choose which doctor and health care provider that we want.

To copy all good things from any culture, any country is a good thing; after all we are an international country under one God and need to keep our freedom, free choices as long as we do not hurt other’s freedom.

Again, I believe in order to achieve this monumental task, its imperative to educate, including proper training support and discipline for all people and organizations who are involved in our health care system, including pharmaceutical.

To keep an attorney busy with lawsuit is not a feasible way to insure good health care.
Prevention: It is important to educate people on a healthy-life style BEFORE they BECOME ILL. This should be the responsibility of all doctors-medical experts-to guide us to good health through their well-educated advice. Having a good rapport with the medical personnel insurers that is happening right now, doctors are forced to rush patients through their office, forced, thus not establishing a working relationship and communication after surgery or diagnosing with their patient.

- Accessibility to clinics to avoid high cost of emergency and citizen health will help us to reduce our health care cost with a healthier population.

Alternative treatments and medicine:

Policing insurance companies to make sure they are providing right services such as: the same office visit co-pay, deductible, and maximum out of pocket for the other specialists. Nutrition doctors, soft tissue specialist who could prevent patients’ health, before they become ill or have surgery at an affordable cost and using alternative treatment. This also will keep medical cost down and insure a healthier population.

We need to support and prevent patients’ health risk for some doctor’s misdiagnoses and rehabilitation abilities by sending them back to schools in order to help with their diagnosing and rehabilitative abilities. THIS, IN TURN, WILL HELP WITH A HEALTHY PATIENT, TOO.

We need to educate patients to be patient with their doctors’ treatment to prevent their health of overmedication and leaving them with side effects later on.


I hope the following 14 reasons are forwarded over and over again until they are read so many times that the reader gets sick of reading them. Send this blog link to everyone you know. I also have included the URL's for verification of all the following facts:

1. $11 Billion to $22 billion is spent on welfare to illegal aliens each year by state governments.
Verify at:

2. $2.2 Billion dollars a year is spent on food assistance programs such as food stamps, WIC, and free school lunches for illegal aliens.
Verify at:

3. $2.5 Billion dollars a year is spent on Medicaid for illegal aliens.
Verify at:

4. $12 Billion dollars a year is spent on primary and secondary school education for children here illegally and they cannot speak a word of English!
Verify at:

5. $17 Billion dollars a year is spent for education for the American-born children of illegal aliens, known as anchor babies.
Verify at

6. $3 Million Dollars a DAY is spent to incarcerate illegal aliens.
Verify at:

7. 30% percent of all Federal Prison inmates are illegal aliens.
Verify at:

8. $90 Billion Dollars a year is spent on illegal aliens for Welfare & social services by the American taxpayers.
Verify at:

9. $200 Billion dollars a year in suppressed American wages are caused by the illegal aliens.
Verify at:

10. The illegal aliens in the United States have a crime rate that's two and a half times that of white non-illegal aliens. In particular, their children, are going to make a huge additional crime problem in the US .
Verify at:

11. During the year of 2005 there were 4 to 10 MILLION illegal aliens that crossed our Southern Border also, as many as 19,500 illegal aliens from Terrorist Countries. Millions of pounds of drugs, cocaine, meth, heroin and marijuana, crossed into the U. S from the Southern border.
Verify at: Homeland Security Report:

12. The National policy Institute, estimated that the total cost of mass deportation would be between $206 and $230 billion or an average cost of between $41 and $46 billion annually over a five year period.'
Verify at:

13. In 2006 illegal aliens sent home $45 BILLION in remittances to their countries of origin.
Verify at:>

14. 'The Dark Side of Illegal Immigration: Nearly One million sex crimes Committed by Illegal Immigrants In The United States .'
Verify at: http: //

The total cost is a whopping $ 338.3 BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR.

4th of July TEA Party Report

Overall the event was a great success, in spite of, the Oklahoma Republican State GOP's attempts at sabotaging the event by making the crowds less than expected and causing the media presence to be none. This is isn't the first time that these measures have been taken against me. They also occurred in 2004 during my Presidential Party for George W. Bush, and since then continued sabotages of my open houses and press releases.

A lot of people were coming and going, but this picture is of
the attendants of the TEA Party that stayed until the very end.

Mr. Paul Andert, the President of Tulsa's World War II Veterans club.

On the 4th of July we gathered together to have a TEA party at the best place in Tulsa, the Tulsa Historical Society. We had a great time with music, guitar, singing and praising God , and eating healthy food. We enjoyed spending time both inside and outside with balchonies overlooking the breathtaking rose garden. The purpose of our TEA party celebration was to honor World War II Veterans who gave us what we have NOW, and celebrate our freedom.

Mr. Paul Andert, the President of Tulsa's World War II Veterans club, spoke about how he got involved in the military at age 17, and the remarkable things that happened to him during his time serving in World War II. His speech drew everyone in and captured the audience more with every word that he said. Afterward, everyone was moved to talk to him, hug him and tell him of the impact that his speech had on them. Paul has written two books, World War II Veterans of Tulsa present For Our Children We Fight and a second book, which were available for purchase at the party. He was kind enough to sign copies for me as a thank you gesture.

I spoke about D-Day and the impact that it's had on my life. My findings from our allies on Omaha Beach (D-Day) have been very educational and very emotional for me, because it reminded me of my father who was talking to a group of our relatives and friends when I was a little girl. He said “America saved us from Russia,” and mentioned some horrific experiences that he had in World War II, and that is why he kept his gun in our house to protect my Mom and I in case something like that happened again. At that time I had no idea America would later in time become my own country!! I am eternally grateful to my almighty God and our heroic Veterans for our freedom and so many blessings that I have in the United States of America, “My God chosen home.” I know what it is like to have your freedom, your rights, and your love one’s life taken away from you. No one would take freedom for granted if they had experienced losing their freedom like I did. I hope that no one got the same experience as all the victims of September 11th and I. This is why I am so passionate about our security, freedom, and economic growth for the sake of our young and new generation and honoring our heroic Veterans that have given us what we have now. It is time to stand togherer to keep our country as “The world leader,” and to help people who are suffering under their dictatorship governments, and support Israel, because the holocaust is a very important part of our history. Sadly, my holocaust video attachment has been removed from YouTube which reminds me of when my website was
hi-jacked in 2006 and removed from the internet.
-For Immediate Release-
God we trust
HealthCare Reform Rally
American Health Care vs National Health Care/Public
On July 7th 2009.
At 6-8 pm
Fran Moghddam; former candidte for the state senate District 25 in 2004 , two terms for the U.S. Congress First District in 2006-2008, and #118 Precinct Caucus Chairwoman is honored to invite you all to her Health Care Reform Rally
This located at 2435 South Peoria
Happy 4th of the July weekend
We had a great time together to support our freedom, and security "with out security nothing else are matters" we enjoyed with Music / Gittern and singing, fresh and health food at the best place in Tulsa
We were Honored and Humbled to have the Presidsent of World War II Veterans Club as our guest speaker. We will provid you the detail info. with the Pictures for this event soon.
Why did they wait for 15 years & now rushing to..?
Compassion, compromise, cooperation, and care with the discipline and respect, will resolve all the domestic issues that we are facing now in our country.
We cannot ask of our government to do everythings for us, otherwise we are asking for Socialism or Communisam!
President John F Kennedy said; "What you can do for your country?"
This is what I have done and what I can do for my counrty now!
Since I became a health insurance provider (broker), my passion has been to insure all Americans with an affordable and comparative health care with high emphasis on Senior Citizens and Veterans, because it is the moral and ethical thing to do, not to just make money and have a business. In 1992, Senator Don Nickels approached Oklahoma health care brokers at our Oklahoma underwriting anniversary luncheon for input regarding our nation’s health care system. Being an insurance broker and small business owner since 1987 and managing a successful brokerage of health insurance to individuals, companies, governments, and non-profit organizations, through my work, I have became very familiar with the problems of small businesses and have learned a great deal about the complex issue of health care. It was to my concern about these issues that led me into politics. From my day-to-day work, with my experience and knowledge regarding Europeans’ national health care, their life style, inflations/ high tax, and government control, I knew that the kind of health care system proposed by the Clintons’ would be wrong for this country
I was eager to comply and responded with detailed letters and documents to Senator Don Nickels and other federal elected officials including Senator Boren as his office requested, then Congressman Inhofe, and the state elected officials, setting forth my views on this crucial matter. Based upon these letters and documents I was able to convince Democrat elected officials that National health care is not right for our country when our former first Lady Hillary was visiting our state and campaigning for her health care in 1994.
"Governor Frank Keating was very pleased and said to; Fran you did a good job!"
I also wrote to our President George W. Bush on 2004, updating the new issues and addressed how we could resolve those issues in our health care reform. Now I am proud that Senator Coburn and the speaker of the house Newt Gingrich are supporting and pursuing some of my views and opinions in that regard.
Let us learn the facts together and give me an opportunity to explain the negative and positive parts of both plans and find out how our health care reform could work for our citizens. After all we are all Americans before we become Republicans, Democrats, or Independents and we can work together for the sake of our citizens, young and new genration.
God Bless America

Tax Day Tea Party Report

We had a very interesting gathering in my home for the Tax Day Tea Party on April 15, 2009. Even though the party was planned on short notice we had a good turnout. Many of these people I had never met before. It was an honor to meet these members of my community.
At the party people were able to sit and discuss issues that were important to them in a comfortable atmosphere. We gathered together to watch the Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, give a speech from New York. It was inspiring to watch.
Through FOX News Channel we were able to see all the many people that showed up around the country to show their support for America. It was an exciting time to be an American.
Thank you to everyone who attended!
Get ready for the Fourth of July Tea Party Rally I will be organizing here in Tulsa. And let’s keep this American Spirit going!

Tax Day Tea Party April 15, 2009

In God We Trust
The Best Politics is Honesty
With all respect to the President of The United States,
As the 118 precinct Caucus’ Chair, I'm honored to invite you, with your family and friends, to the Tax Day Tea Party. As a community coming together for this Tea Party shows our support for less tax (fair tax), more jobs, more businesses, and our freedom. This is for the sake of our young and new generations, who are "the heart of our country."
I am humbled to share the message from Speaker of The House, Newt Gingrich, to learn more about Congress, our economic status, the national debt and more. I want to share this message that was sent to my attention for all of you.
Tax Day Tea Party Information
Time: 6-9 pm
Location: 5212 East 88Th Street, Tulsa, OK 74137
Phone: 918-499-5212 / 918-808-6074
A variety of organic tea, cookies and cake will be served.