American freedom and the economy are tied to Health Care Reform.

With all due respect I do not agree with, the speaker of the house, Nancy Polosy’s speech tonight, as well as the democrat elected officials who support this bill, and are proud of their victory! It’s sad and it’s a shame. I congratulate those Democrats elected officials who work with Republicans to support our freedom and new generation

This bill cost our freedom, businesses and jobs, like socialism leads to communist countries with our broken Medicare that needed supplemental benefits to cover people needs, and BROKEN social security! Is that why they waited for 15 years and did it in a short period of time? In 1994 I was able to convince and collaborate with the Democrat elected official that national health care is not right for our country when Hillary Clinton was visiting our state and campaigning for her health care. I did so based on my knowledge and experience from European countries and through my immediate family. I also explained how we could resolve our broken health care problem! ONE PERSON CAN MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE! We are suffering because of uneducated voters in our country because we do not have enough qualified, knowledgeable, experienced, and passionate elected officials to educate our citizens and work with the other parties! Right now socialist countries have a co-pay system and they try to change their national health care system as well, because their people suffer with high tax, high inflation and a poor quality of health care, especially for elderly with long waiting periods for their dreaded diseases. I believe that Majority or Minority, Republican or Democrat does not make any difference. We are all American first and we have to work together with unity. More than 75% of Americans oppose Public plan/national health care, BECAUSE their freedom is more important than empty promises for NATIONAL health care! They relish every single part of their freedom, the freedom that they EARNED and put their lives on the line for.

I am open to any debates, if they have a stomach!