-For Immediate Release-
God we trust
HealthCare Reform Rally
American Health Care vs National Health Care/Public
On July 7th 2009.
At 6-8 pm
Fran Moghddam; former candidte for the state senate District 25 in 2004 , two terms for the U.S. Congress First District in 2006-2008, and #118 Precinct Caucus Chairwoman is honored to invite you all to her Health Care Reform Rally
This located at 2435 South Peoria
Happy 4th of the July weekend
We had a great time together to support our freedom, and security "with out security nothing else are matters" we enjoyed with Music / Gittern and singing, fresh and health food at the best place in Tulsa
We were Honored and Humbled to have the Presidsent of World War II Veterans Club as our guest speaker. We will provid you the detail info. with the Pictures for this event soon.
Why did they wait for 15 years & now rushing to..?
Compassion, compromise, cooperation, and care with the discipline and respect, will resolve all the domestic issues that we are facing now in our country.
We cannot ask of our government to do everythings for us, otherwise we are asking for Socialism or Communisam!
President John F Kennedy said; "What you can do for your country?"
This is what I have done and what I can do for my counrty now!
Since I became a health insurance provider (broker), my passion has been to insure all Americans with an affordable and comparative health care with high emphasis on Senior Citizens and Veterans, because it is the moral and ethical thing to do, not to just make money and have a business. In 1992, Senator Don Nickels approached Oklahoma health care brokers at our Oklahoma underwriting anniversary luncheon for input regarding our nation’s health care system. Being an insurance broker and small business owner since 1987 and managing a successful brokerage of health insurance to individuals, companies, governments, and non-profit organizations, through my work, I have became very familiar with the problems of small businesses and have learned a great deal about the complex issue of health care. It was to my concern about these issues that led me into politics. From my day-to-day work, with my experience and knowledge regarding Europeans’ national health care, their life style, inflations/ high tax, and government control, I knew that the kind of health care system proposed by the Clintons’ would be wrong for this country http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H4u5x9XAsAs.
I was eager to comply and responded with detailed letters and documents to Senator Don Nickels and other federal elected officials including Senator Boren as his office requested, then Congressman Inhofe, and the state elected officials, setting forth my views on this crucial matter. Based upon these letters and documents I was able to convince Democrat elected officials that National health care is not right for our country when our former first Lady Hillary was visiting our state and campaigning for her health care in 1994.
"Governor Frank Keating was very pleased and said to; Fran you did a good job!"
I also wrote to our President George W. Bush on 2004, updating the new issues and addressed how we could resolve those issues in our health care reform. Now I am proud that Senator Coburn and the speaker of the house Newt Gingrich are supporting and pursuing some of my views and opinions in that regard.
Let us learn the facts together and give me an opportunity to explain the negative and positive parts of both plans and find out how our health care reform could work for our citizens. After all we are all Americans before we become Republicans, Democrats, or Independents and we can work together for the sake of our citizens, young and new genration.
God Bless America