Letter to President George W. Bush

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This is the letter I am writing to President George W. Bush
Mar, 28 2008

Dear Honorable and Gifted President George W. Bush:

I can not thank you enough for what you have done and continue to do for our country and the world, for the sake of our freedom, and our soldiers. And I am so very sorry that our majority Republican Congress did not do their job well to take us to your goal that you had worked so hard for, as fast as we were desired to see, and ended up with the majority of Democrat Congresses to put us in the situation we are in now.

This is what I had written to Honorable Senator James Inhofe on 10/ 11/ 04

My belief, regarding Senator Kerry’s issues and accusations he made are as follows:

** For the last 70 years, we did not have any President who had faced the same problems as President George W Bush has faced when he took the Office, such as:

*** Recession *** Corruption *** September 11, ** Terror, and ***Stock Market crash***. All at the same time, shortly after he took the Office. So what should we expect about the deficit and the economy?
*** President Bush did not rush to the war with Iraq, nor had miss led us regarding the information every one received from the available intelligence at the time, including Senator Kerry, Mr. Clinton, and other Countries, and the experience that we all had with Saddam. I wish that we never let the UN buy the time for Saddam who could have moved their weapons to either Syria or even France and Iran. France provided guns to Iraqi terror cells in order to kill our solders.

*** The health care system that Senators Kerry and Edwards offers to the American people is
nothing but government control, and creates high inflation while we are going to have tax increases, just like Sweden and the French Socialist Countries who pay $6 for a loaf of bread, around $7 per gallon of gas, $40 for a medium of Pizza, and $16 for raw chicken.

I had written to the voters on August 12, 2004, have singed by President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Chaney.

What President George W. Bush has done?

*** He has stopped Terror in our Country.
*** He has stopped Corruption.
*** He has stopped Recession.
*** He removed Saddam and his two sons like every one asked for.
*** There is no Inflation in these critical time.
*** He resolved our complicated problems with Libya.
*** Liberated two countries.
*** He cut the taxes, helped economy grow, and jobs were created 1.5 Millions.
*** Lower interest rate and provided dream home for Americans.
*** Most importantly he has given us back Prestige and integrity to our white House .

He will Provide us as follow:

*** The best health care system to the public with high emphasis on Senior Citizens.
*** Enhance Parenting skill to prevent children from facing of the current problems.
*** Improve Education Standards to help and to provide our children great future opportunities.
*** Support small Business , Minorities, Women, and all American as they strive to achieve the American dreams.
*** He will complete Liberation, not only for Iraqi but for the regions of Middle East.
*** He will balance the budgets, and create more jobs .
*** He will provide security, happiness, and Hope to all Americans, and the world.

God Bless America and our President George W. Bush

Hope in America

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March 8, 2008
International Woman’s Day

If we couldn't’t have a hope here in the United States, where can we have Hope? In Europe! In the Middle East! Or in Asia!

That was my answer in 1990 “when I was a Mayor Task Force Member “as a Minority Woman Small Business Owner”. At the City Counselors Meeting in Tulsa Oklahoma, to the black college educated and Executive Director of one of the none Profit organization when he was mentioned that we have more black Teens in jail because they don’t have any hope to become successful and rich, with their dysfunctional family, so they sale drugs!

My best example for him at the time was our current President, Bill Clinton, who had achieved a good education, successful businessman, became the Governor of Arkansas, and then to the Presidency of the Untied States of America, with his dysfunction family. He was not rich either.

I like people of all races, and respect them all. This is the way I was raised. I have good experience with Black People, especially with my Bishop in one of my Churches. The Democratic Oklahoma Eagle News Paper who printed my press release for my candidacy in 2006 with no misspelling, but our Republican Tulsa Beacon News Paper misspelled my name and did not printed my press release either.

Ms. Oprah Winfrey who I have sent my 2006 political web site to and surprised that she did not support me! I almost know why by now, hope she tells me her reason too!

I also like Senator Obama who carried out my messages regarding unity and civil rights, our President Lincoln’s reforms and some of my other issues like Education and our Teacher’s training and more. He shows to the Nation and the world how our Citizens are ready for that.

I always accept the fact with no fear or anger Yes I have noticed Senator Obama’s skin and hair is lighter! But my question for him is why he does not wear the American flag and used some other Country’s Flag that we as a nation are not friends with, now in his campaign?

God Bless America My God Chosen Home.

War in Iraq


It is hard for some peoples to feel and understand how hard it is to lose everything that you have known/earned including the love ones, like people in the Middle East (Iran) and September 11!

I have written to our President George W. Bush; with all respect for the Conservative Democrats.
May/ 12/ 2004

Mr. President we are proud of you for removing Saddam (OCTOPUS), we appreciated
and honored your father who stopped the war between Iran and Iraq. We are praying and hoping that you could cut the OCTOPUS' legs off, (Syria, Saudi Arabia, Ben laden, Tale ban, Arafat, Iran, Sudan, France, Germany, Russia). The reason that we are still losing our solders, and the war is going slower is because terrorists are so clever and receive support, and hope from those countries, and at least 40% of Americans are Democrats.

To me, terrorism in the Middle East started with Mr. Jimmy Carter and his administration, by removing the Shah of Iran who was good friends' of Americans as “PRESIDENT REAGAN SAID In 1982“ , and used Khomeini to abuse and destroy millions and millions of Iranians’ homes and families, who are Shiah, Christian, Jewish etc…., and gave the power to the Arab the countries who are mostly Sunni, who have killed their own Prophet Mohammad’s immediate families," for the power", in the same time they hurt American economics too. Let’s not forget that Khomeini treated Iranian people as badly as Saddam did.

To succeed for their ideas they brain-wash young people ( College students) and went to the lower class of Iranian peoples “door to door” who were living comfortably, even though they were people with no experience in politics, little or no education were used and fooled with the story that they had a rich country, and told them if you help us remove the Shah, you would receive $ 1,000 (Iranian dollars) per family member each month. And you would not need to work at all for the rest of your life, "the same type of promises are being made by democrats to young and uneducated, poor Americans around the election time". Shortly after the revolution they were poorer and could not even afford to buy bread and were afraid to talk because for losing their life. Thanks to Mr. Carter.

Bill Clinton took advantage of your fathers’ hard work for our good economic, also by not doing his job, he put us in this situation, in another words he did not prevent the cancer (terrorism). Now it is spreading every where and still they do not give up. Madam Madeline, the Secretary of State still believes that we have to put sanctions on Iran in state to help and resolve their problems to secure our country and the world, while the Iranian people, not their government, are already in extreme poverty and have to sale wives and daughters to slavery or prostitution to get money. Jimmy Carter is building a home for poor people so he could justify his actions.


God Bless America

Fran Moghaddam
Tulsa Oklahoma