I am honored to invite President Obama to Tulsa, Oklahoma to have a friendly debate. We as Oklahomans are good hosts. I would like to share my experience and knowledge with you, like I did with Democrat elected officials in 1994, to make the right decisions at this critical and sensitive time for the sake of our citizens, especially senior citizens, Veterans, those who are handicapped, American Indians and our young and new generations.

Mr. President, the request/message you sent out regarding some Insurance companies’ exclusion and limitation in working with R. Senator McCain and R. Secretary of Defense to support our WW II heroic veterans and our soldiers was faltering and good signs to start working together.

Since I became a health insurance provider (Broker) and small business owner in 1987, managing a successful brokerage of health insurance to individual, companies, government and non-profit organizations, my passion has been to insure all Americans with affordable and comparative health care benefits. It is the moral and ethical thing to do, not just to make money and have a successful business. Through my work, I have become very familiar with the problems of small businesses and have learned a great deal about the complex issue of our health care. It was my concern about this issue that led me into politics. From my day-to-day work, and from observation of the problems of my family/relatives and friends who live in southern and northern Europe, Canada and countries with a government run national health services for a long period of time; 25 to over 100 years. I knew that the kind of health care system proposed by the Clintons would be wrong for this country.

In 1992, Senator Don Nickels approached Oklahoma health care brokers at our Oklahoma Underwriting Anniversary luncheon for input regarding our nation’s health care system. Being an insurance broker, I was eager to comply with detailed letters and documents to Senator Nickels and other elected officials, including Senator David Boren and Congressman Inhofe. I was the only one from over 23,000 agents and brokers setting forth my views on this crucial matter. Based upon these letters, I was asked by the insurance industry group to participate in demonstrations and meeting at the State Capitol. I had lengthy and fruitful discussions with State Representatives, Speaker of the House, Mr. Glover and Laura Boyd. This led in turn, to my preparing materials in anticipation of former first lady Hillary Clinton’s visit to our state in 1994 to campaign for her health care plan. Later Governor Frank Keating showed his satisfaction of my efforts.

My extensive background in this widely debated market as well as having firsthand knowledge of the real concerns facing citizens, especially our Senior Citizens, Veterans, handicap and American Indians. We need to work together to better equip our policy makers with information and facts regarding the national health care crisis being faced by our nation. We need to report that there are insurance companies nationwide that can provide a variety of competitive benefits, rates and services to cover our citizens’ needs.

The reason that not all Americans can afford to buy Insurance and how Congress and the President could help and get involved to resolve our health care system are as follow:
** Prevent American Health: Prevention is NOT only to have a check up every year but to also discover any illnesses early; sometimes it’s too late to treat the illness that they may already have! We need to educate citizens on a healthy lifestyle before they become ill, a diabetic, obese, or develop muscular problems or worse, need surgery. This should be the responsibility of specialists, like Nutritionists, Soft Tissue Specialists, etc., who can maintain patients’ health at an affordable cost by using alternative treatments. Policy insurance companies should provide the right services that citizens could get aid from and have accessibility to clinics for minor illnesses.
** Protect Citizen’s Health from Chemicals: If we use organic products (chemical free), help farmers, clean our water, air and environment and especially not over medicating patients or administering unnecessary vaccines to prevent side effects. I have received from very reliable conservative organization that right now our children are using drugs and unnecessary medicine instead of getting good nutrition, exercise, love and care.

** RUSH TO… stop over spending, stop corruption, stop insurance fraud, stop lobbyist, stop professional liability and use another method for patients rights, resolve illegal immigrants who cost us a huge amount of money in our health care and homeland security by identifying them, stop spending money for abortions.

** Discipline hospital administration, insurance companies, pharmaceuticals, and nurses in our health care system to create a doctor-patient relationship with all patients. We are able to provide the best quality of services and an affordable health care system for Americans when a relationship is established, then we need to use emergency rooms for the people that have insurance because all the money comes from our pockets, and not a charity, to provide health care for people without insurance. We have to provide jobs with adequate job training, so they can afford insurance of their own.

Why we SHOULD NOT refuse other party votes to pass the law?

It is un-American! We were all Americans before we became a Republican, Democrat or Independent. They all represent our citizens. We all know there are unqualified elected officials. We need to clean the house. Term limit also is the answer!

Why we SHOULD NOT have National health?

Americans are hard workers, big hearted and have paid a huge price for their freedom to make our country the leader of the world, not the followers. Americans are not used to waiting in long lines at the post office, to purchase the expensive basic necessities ($16 for raw chicken, $7 for a loaf of bread, etc.), to see their doctor, to get their medicine or to have surgery. My family tells about their Government giving them orders on what they can do or not do! For example, in Sweden when a citizen has allergies the Government asks to remove their carpet and put down hard wood flooring. Can we do that here? I have learned many times from our citizens when they said to me, “this is my life and my fun”, when I try to advise them.

Americans can’t tolerate to pay high prices for gas ($7 per gallon), and taxation. Sixteen or seventeen years ago, Margaret Teacher, the former Prime Minister of England was in Tulsa, Oklahoma and gave us info on how national health care effected their taxation.

Americans like to go to restaurants for lunch and dinner, but Europeans can’t afford it. Fourteen years ago, my 12 year old nephew came to Tulsa from Stockholm to visit me. He loves lobster. He enjoyed being able to have a whole lobster. In Sweden they have to pay a lot of money for a very small dish. It reminds me of a time about 12 years ago when I called my cousin in Geneva to talk to her husband, a Swiss √©lan doctor, about the health issue that I had. He offered for me to come there for a free check up and said that he learns from Americans. My own brother, who lives in London, had a heart attack. Should he wait for 6 - 7 months before he can have surgery? My aunt fell in a London street and broke her hips. Her son struggled seeing his mother’s IV having to be pulled out. She was 72 years.

The following is a video that explains the national health care that is used in Canada, the same health care system that is being proposed for us today.

Click here to view: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H4u5x9XAsAs