My response to First Lady Michelle Obama's email to me

Dear Honorable First Lady Michelle Obama;

Thank you for sharing you and President Obama’s beliefs regarding our health care reform with me. I understand your feeling about being citizens being victimized regarding their health care which I was working passionately to resolve these problems since 1992. In 1994 when our former first lady, Hillary Clinton, was visiting our state of Oklahoma and campaigning for her health care, Democrat Elected officials accepted my comments, letters and documents that showed how we could resolve our health care problem, as well as if American people can tolerate national health care.

Since then Congress has not taken any further action to help our citizens! That is why we pay the price.

I admire your passion for victimized citizens as I have since 1992. With all due respect, I am afraid that you and our President have been misinformed about the way we should reform our health care. I am honored to share my experience with you for the sake of our citizens and our new generation.

In 1992, I was a young insurance broker without U.S. citizenship, which came in 1993, but I had a lot of knowledge and experience about European National health care and their life style. I also had learned about the American life style and our insurance problems. Senator Don Nichols sent out the message at the anniversary Oklahoma underwriting health care luncheon that Congress was thinking about national health care, he asked for our opinion. Other experienced brokers asked me not to write to Senator Nichols because they were worried to lose their business. My response to them was “if it is good for everyone, we have to lose our business.”

First Lady Michelle, with all due respect you can help our victimized citizens by educating them why this happened, and the damage that has been done. With a little more patience, you and our President can resolve the problems permanently in the right way for them and for our future. My honest opinion and comments are as follow:

· We need to reform and discipline insurance companies, professional liability and over medicating or over usage of medical equipment, pharmaceutical, ILLEGAL immigrant, stop corruption in Medicare and “ACORN”, over spending in Washington, lobbyist and SPECIAL INTEREST. President Obama said in one state there was only one insurance company out of 1,300 to provide benefits there. It is not only because other insurance companies did not have the ability to provide coverage and benefits for that special state, it could have been because of SPECIAL INTEREST! We have so many examples of this kind of thing.

· Then you and our President could PROVIDE NATIONWIDE, COMPETITIVE rates and benefits, ACCESSIBILITY CLINICS FOR MINOR ILLNESSES TO AVOID EXPENSIVE EMERGENCY ROOMS, and provide prevention and alternative treatments for a healthier population. Otherwise I do not know how our government could afford the cost of the PUBLIC plan and save citizens who already have a good insurance plan! Unless to raise taxes and the limited technology and coverage in our health care system like Europeans and Canadians, as well as creating high inflation and Government control that I believe Americans cannot tolerate while creating a lot of unhappy doctors.

· I would be humbled and honored to provide further information in detail as you wish.
Sincerely yours,
Fran Moghaddam

Fran Moghaddam's Immediate Release 2010

Fran Moghaddam Former Candidate for U.S. Congress;

Enters for 2010 Race for Oklahoma First Congressional
Freedom makes us to do the right things
The parties are not what makes good candidates.
The Candidates make the party good along with the people.
I mean what I say now and I meant what I said in 2006 and 2008
Remember its Congress that makes the Laws not the President
" I do not define myselfe by how many disappointements I've faced.
I difine myself by forgiveness and faith.
I do not define myself by how many times I have been knocked down.
I define myself by how many times I have struggled to my feet.
I am not my pain. I am not my past. I am that which has emerged from the fire."
We are the people, a Nation under one God
We are the leader of the world, not the follower!
Then it's time to Flip this house!
Flip this house 2010 is a campaign to re- instill real values in our natinal Politics. This isn't about Democrats. Republicans or Independents. it's about grassroots, tea-party, freedom- loving Americans uniting behind a common goal of turning the current statist political machine on its head
Our value is simple: Liberty and limited government. We propose a clear state of positions that directly chalang Big Governmet Statism. And we will stand with anyone and everyone who will stand with us in the great struggle against the Ascendency of the State. We want to rally hunderds of thousanda of citizens who are fed up with the statist Government and are ready to take blod politlical actions to filp this house beginling in 2010.
Here's How To Get Flipping...
It all starts with Citzens like you. You are the power. To take a stand you can start by suppporting my campaign for the 2010 Oklahoma First Congrssional Representative. Please visit my website or since my political web have been Hi Jacked.

Last Fourth of July Fran celebrated and honored World War II Heroic Veterans who gave us what we have now. She believes no one would take freedom for granted if they had experienced what she and all the victims of September 11th have experienced.

As of October 15, 2009, Fran’s Candidacy has been officially announced. At the Hilton Tulsa Southern Hills, by The Oklahama Republican Partay and State Chairman, Gary Jones with the Special Guest Spseaker former Congressman J.C. Watts.

Fran’s desire is that all Christian Conservatives "Cherches" support Voter’s Rights. She also wants all Citizens in the first District to receive their candidate’s campaign materials, and phone messages. She wants all of the candidate’s names to appear on the ballets. She asks for State and Tulsa County GOP & Media fairness in this term for the sake of our Citizens’ Rights, and our young and new generation.

She is a Strong Republican Grassroots, Conservative Christian, as well as a supporter of Pro life (opposing abortion) and pro marriage, between one man and one woman. She prides herself on her family values, honesty, integrity, royalty and faith, always putting her children first and now her two grandsons. Her elder son was attending Kim Bolton School in Cambridge England, when he decided to continue his higher education in the U.S. Fran with her husband‘s support, transferred her younger son from American school in Teheran Iran to Cassia Hall school in Tulsa. Fran and her sons later went on to graduated from the University of Tulsa.

Fran grew up in a privileged family when Iran was the best friend of America and President Reagan. She was honored with the privilege of political asylum by the United States Government in 1985 and attained U.S. Citizenship in 1993. She earned a B.S. degree in Management Science at the University of Tulsa in 1983 and AA Business Administration at the Rogers State College in 1980. She has been a business owner in the insurance field since 1987. Fran has an extensive background in the widely debated insurance market as well as having firsthand knowledge of the real concerns facing citizens today, especially our senior citizens, Veterans, and Indian Americans.

Moghaddam has been an active volunteer in campaigns for numerous Republican candidates, both federals and Governor. She has also successfully collaborated with conservative Democratic government officials regarding National Health in 1994. other wise we had a Noational health care since!! She is a member of the Republican National Committee, R. Senatorial Committee, and a nominated life member in the Republican National Committee and honors the no fewer than 27,000 Republican men and women who were compliant in 2006. She resently honered to recieved the RNC Gold Card as a most dedicated members from the RNC Chairman Mr. Micheal Steele. As a strong supporter of GOP since 2004 she has received several high and highest honor Certificates of MERIT, and Appreciation for her dedication, sacrifice and commitment from President George W. Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, and RNC Chairmen.

She is a member of local Republican clubs, a Grass Roots Leader, member of the Rotary Club, Eagle Forum, American Value, Christian Untied forIsraele and Gun..OK 2A., as well as being involved with the World War II Veterans’ Club. Moghaddam has served on the Tulsa Mayor’s Task Force regarding issues pertaining to parenting, public safety and environmental concerns. Certainly with 9-11 in America’s history, public safety issues are at the forefront of future planning. She is # 118 Preinct Caucus Chairwoman.

I am honest and dedicated to our citizens and our country. Through my toughest experience as a minority candidate in 2004, 2006, and 2008, I supported our party’s principles civil reform, human rights, and our constitution and pursued basic Republican values. I believe that God allows us to experience problems for the purpose of building our character and moral fiber (Romans 5:3-4).

Fran has acquired working knowledge of International Languages, Europeans’ national health care plan and life styles, inflation, government control, Middle East religions, customs, economics and politics.

People who have known Fran for over 31 years know her passion for the children and understand her deep desire to serve and help others and one who is knowledgeable on health care and other issues. They recognize also that as a woman and an immigrant from a non western country, she will bring an element of diversity that is lacking in our party. Our leaders, and our presidents, frequently emphasized the need for us to reach out to voters beyond the white male and native born mainstream.

I am eternally grateful to my almighty God and the United States for my many blessings. I want to give back to my God chosen home, the United States of America, by serving on the U.S. House of Representatives. My mission is to bring compassion, compromise, cooperation and care with respect and discipline to resolve all our domestic issues.
Without Security, Nothing Else Matter, I relish every single freedom because I have Experienced what happens when feedom is taken away!!

The issues of greates concern to me, because they affect many of our Citizens' lives, are as gollows;

**Homeland and National Security

**Health care reform - I am an advocate for providing the best nationwide health care system to the public with a high emphasis on senior citizens, Veterans, and Indian American, and to reduce the cost of medicine. health care reform is tide to our freedom and economic.

** Taxing People: Fran operates under the principle my nick name is fair and my Middle name is discipline to encourage the government to use fiscal discipline to stop overspending, corruption, special interests, create a fair tax system, grow the economy, and provide more business and jobs.

** Marriage, family, parenting, education and school are all related. We must enhance parenting skills to prevent children from facing current problems. By challenging and improving education standards we can provide our children with greater future opportunities, and meet the teacher’s needs.

**Energy - We need to reduce our dependency upon foreign oil. Since we receive 60% of our oil from other countries, we must continue our search for new energy resources within the United States, DRILLING now and use our naturale sorcesess, development of new technology in this area if needed.

**Illegal Immigrant - The damage has been done for over 3o years. We need to secure our borders and under ground tunnels with our neighbors cooperation.

**Strong immigration Law – As far as the illegal immigrants that are already here, we need to identify them! Remember it is congress that makes the Law, not the President. One person can make a big different.

**Support our farmers to provide healthy (organic) products for a healthier population.


- I won't make false promises to you regarding our government.
- I don't show preferences to friends or to Special Interests.
- I will respond to your request, opinions, and complaints.
- I will never leave my audience, whom I invited to hear me, without answering their questions!
- I will always tell you the truth even though sometimes it is not pleasant.
- I will never disrespect our President, or put our country down.
- I never cheat, corrupt, or tell you what you want to hear just to please you.
- I never let anyone dictate to me what my issues are!
- I believe this seat is NOT a career seat and it belongs to YOU. “term limit”
- I never hide. I will always be ready to debate the issues we are facing.
- I will honor my staff and respect their support for never resigning.
- I do not allow my staff or my supporters to disrespect, or harm my opponents.
- I am not after the TITLE OR MONEY.
- I feel that this is my mission for this great nation.
- I will arrange a meeting at least bi-monthly to visit with YOU, answer YOUR questions, and educate and inform you about the issues.

Ann Archer / Fran Moghaddam
Fran for Freedom

Letter to President Obama

Dear President Obama,

First let me congratulate you on receiving the Nobel Peace Prize. It is not too late for you to earn that the way that you want and feel great about it! Just pray about it and send help to Afghanistan and rescue Iranians from torturing and killing for God’s sake.

Based on our communication online, I believe that I cleared everything up for you regarding our Health Care Reform, Parenting, Abortion, Insurance companies, Medicare, professional liabilities, illegal immigrants, tax payer reguest, corruption, overspending, lobbyist, special interest. Your response in your speech was promising and assured me, and the American citizens.

Now conservative citizens in both parties believe that because you are under pressure and your word is not respected by liberals and believe that the reasons you push public plan is because the Speaker of the House, Senator Reid and Michael Moore, who I saw on the Hannity show and I feel that he is a good man with the wrong philosophy, try to cover illegal immigrant’s health care, pay for abortion and refuse professional liabilities’ reform, and also do not care if we’re winning in the war and human rights for Iranians who supported you. They push our country toward communism by training our students to sing about high tax and China!

I would like to recommend the following suggestions, if I may, in regards to certain issues for the sake of our unity and freedom:

- When identifying illegal immigrants it is not right to send the police after them to make another mess! As you know the damage has been done for over 30 years thanks to our congress! We need to offer the ones that are already here some form of short legalization and go from there, instead of giving them amnesty which is available as they wish.

- To stop paying for abortion!! We need to prevent unwanted pregnancies, help women who are already pregnant, save unborn children and spend money for family and parenting skills.
Right now, doctors are forced to rush patients through their offices. They don’t have time to establish effective communication with their patents for a good report. We need more doctors.
Keeping attorneys busy with lawsuits is NOT a feasible way of ensuring good health care.
We should not punish our citizens, because of corrupt companies and organizations, by making them pay high taxes and not have proper health care and their freedom. We should do the opposite.

Please view the following videos regarding our soldiers in Afghanistan, Iran and Health Care:

American troops in Afghanistan losing heart, say army chaplains

British News Report of Iran Prisoner Conditions

Ronald Reagan and ObamaCare - Against Socialized Medicine

Letter to President Obama about Parenting, Health Care Reform, Iran and Afghanistan

Mr. President, your speech on Saturday, September 26, 2009, was very encouraging for our parents, especially those who are in black communities. We definitely need parenting skills for the sake of our young and new generations. We should also know that teachers can not raise our children and neither can our government. Some of our teachers already have childhood issues of their own and need to be evaluated and get help, such as further education, support and treatment just like some of our parents need too. Unfortunately, it goes for at least 3 or 4 generations. Your speech should also educate some of our black well educated (PHD) who teach students in very negative ways like they taught students in a 1-3 hour special class that they will always be negro, and Clinton is the black president at the time! I witnessed this when I participated in a huge ceremony in Tulsa for Dr. King’s birthday in 2006 during my campaign. I also have experience with some black single mothers who do a great job at raising their children to become successful and well educated.

Mr. President, I am glad that the number of uninsured people in the U.S. went from 46,000,000 to 10,000,000, but I believe it’s even lower! I PARTICIPATED in a demonstration put together by Move On in Tulsa, Oklahoma which was called Big Insurance. When I arrived I started to talk to a couple of citizens carrying big signs who were against insurance fraud. While I’m talking to them both sides of the street had crowds of people, one side was Democrat and the other side was Republican. They were shouting at each other. The republican side called over for me, “Ms. Fran, Ms. Fran”. While I was talking to the other side, the democrat side, I saw my Democratic opponent from 2008 and I waved. I went to the Republicans side and was pleased to see some people that I knew and I introduced myself to those that I did not know. I gave them my advice that we need to work together, and how it is not about the parties. I explained to them about 1994 when we had a majority of Democrats in the government while Hillary was campaigning for her health care, and how the Democrats accepted my opinion that National health was and is not right for our country. We do not need to trash each other or shout at each other. We need to work together. We are all Americans. We have enough enemies to deal with. They asked me why I do not tell democrats the same things I said to them. They encouraged me to go ahead and talk to the other side of street, the Democrat side, who were shouting at the Republicans. I started talking to them and introducing myself to the people that they did not know me. I handed out my campaign card to them. The third person told me to keep my card and that they did not like the elephant picture on it. I told him “it is not about an elephant or a donkey. It is about us, Americans. You don’t have to keep it, but please read my letters to President Obama on my website.” He accepted that and I was very pleased, because sometimes when I handed my campaign card to my incumbents supporters they gave me it back! It means they do not like to know if there is someone better or worse than him. It means it does not matter who he is they want him anyway, like my own pastor!! Next one asked why I don’t join them. I said to him I would like to clean up my party and work with your party as well like I did in 1994, and then I explained what happened in 1994. I asked them to not shout at the republican. We are all Americans. We need to work together. We have enough enemies to deal with. We are not enemies of each other. People started telling me, “You are a brave woman.” At least run as an Independent when your party does not know your value! I have heard that from several organizations in Washington D.C., Dallas and Oklahoma, as well, but not from special interest! We had a peaceful demonstration and police officers were happy after the situation that had occurred before I arrived!

Mr. President, people from both parties accept the facts and the truth about health care reform, because they love their country and their freedom. Congress waited for 15 years and we had more victims like you mentioned in your speech. Should I push my luck and ask you did you really try to help our health care as a senator during the last 15 years? Don’t you believe that we have more soldiers that are in more danger than our patients right now? Just because we waited for three months to send more soldiers to Iraq does not mean that we have to wait the same period of time to send soldiers to Afghanistan because it was the experimental task at that time, not now. We have the experience now and need to act fast to save our soldiers’ lives and have victory, as President R. Reagan said, “Of the four wars in my lifetime, none came about because the U.S. was too strong.” Also, as you and the French President said, “We are the richest country in the world, powerful and the leader of freedom in the world.” Don’t you believe it’s because we are capitalist country and have a free country with very high faith?

Don’t you believe that we have expensive and unfair insurance policy FRAUD? Don’t you believe that we have the same problem with our Medicare? Don’t you believe we need to stop corruption first, like Acorn? Then take care of insurance companies, Medicare, reform professional liability, identify our illegal immigrants and many other areas! We could then have everything that you and our citizens NEED, and want. Don’t you believe that our high level elected officials should respect your word and the promises you’ve made to me and our citizens about our senior citizens’ and to not interfere with our legislation? They need to act as mature and understanding people with my five words; compassion, compromise, cooperation, care with discipline and respect! Instead they act like stubborn children and they want to do whatever they want because they have power, even though it’s not right FOR OUR COUNTRY AND it is against your promises and your word from your speech! We do not need to punish or send our citizens to jail that could not, or would not buy insurance. We could discipline them by not providing charity and free emergency room, and providing them with jobs, job training, and health prevention by specialist. Liberals or some Hollywood people should not feel that just because they supported you to get elected that they own you and push you to change our free country to a communist country. Even socialists do not like some Hollywood people’s ideology about health care. We know they do not want Iran to become free again, us to keep our freedom or for us to win in Afghanistan or Iraq. What it should tell you is that they support Russia and China like Amadijejad. They should know that they are not the only ones who supported you. They are not all 68% of the American voters.

Do you believe the young, intelligent, beautiful, healthy Iranians should be tortured and get killed because they want their freedom? The country use to demonstrate and sent out messages like death to America, but NOW NEW GENERATIONS SAY IN THEIR HUGE DEMONSTRATIONS, DEATH TO RUSSIA AND CHINA. Mr. Carter started this issue in Iran and I hope you finish it up for the sake of all countries in the Middle East and the world. They also are asking, Where are our votes?” SHOULD I ask the same here IN TULSA, “Where are my votes?” Watch the following videos that I have received. They are heartbreaking.




In conclusion I would like to ask you a favor if I could. I have told and received emails regarding some powerful people spreading a virus to make people sick just so they can make a vaccine and make money from it. At the U.N., President Gaddafi said the same story in his speech. He also said that you are their son. Would you please investigate this matter and find out how they are?

God Bless America