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Last yearAmerican celebrate the 230th year of freedom—a privilege most Americans take for granted. But not Fran Moghaddam, candidate for U.S. House of Representatives, District #1. She relishes every single freedom because she has experienced what happens when freedom is taken away.

Fran grew up in Teheran, Iran, in a privileged family when Iran was the best friend of America.and Presidsent Reagan. She married and had two sons. Fran’s eldest son was attending Kim Bolton School in Cambridge, England, when he decided to continue higher education in the U.S. Fran, with her husband’s support, relocated with her two sons to Tulsa. Her younger son was transfered from American school in Teheran to Cassia Hall school in Tulsa, She and her two sons gratuated from University of Tulsa. Fran’s family members, including her husband, were very involved in Iranian politics. One day she received word that the Shah of Iran had been deposed. Her uncle, a second general of the Shah and Iran’s Secretary of Energy, had committed suicide. The home Fran had known and loved was gone—along with family members and everything she had.

She recalled the beauty of Iran and how it was referred to as a “piece of jewelry located in the Middle East” … a country not only rich in oil and gas but also in other mineral resources such as gold, silver, diamonds, turquoise, copper, and uranium. She recalled a modern country with four seasons, beautiful beaches, the “best caviar and fish
in the world,” mountains for skiing, landscapes drenched in flowers, and one of the world’s most exclusive retreats, Kish Island. She recalled the progressiveness of this nation, whit security, piece and freedom, of religion, under the rule of the Shah—and how it was all destroyed.

[Fran mentions an interesting book called, “Bridge of Turquoise,” written by Roloff Beny, which gives a comprehensive description of Iran and its people. Other Americans who have traveled to Iran, including Lt. Hopper Smith and Dr. Deardorff, have praised this book and hope Americans read it to learn about Iranians.]

Fran lost everything she had known, and at the advice of her doctor, had to forget her native Iran and start from zero. Hardly an easy road ahead, Fran was honored when she was granted political asylum by the U.S. Government in 1985. She began attending the Church on the Rock and Church of the living God and has been a member of Eastwood Baptist Church for 18 years and has also been active with Victory Christian Center, and David Robinson Ministery ........

Fran obtained her associate’s degree in Business Adminis­tration from Rogers State College and completed her BS degree in management science at the University of Tulsa in 1983. She will be pursu her master’s in Political Science. She has owned and operated her business since 1987 as a licensed life and health insurance broker, (FNM InsuranceProvider/Analyst). Fran believes that Tulsa is her God-chosen home and she has lived there for over 31 years.

When Fran Moghaddam became a citizen of the United States on August 2, 1993, the oath she took included the words, “I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” She took these words to heart— remembering that her father told her that America saved Iran from Russia in World War II—and has since made it her mission to work diligently to the best of her abilities, international knowledge, and experience to be involved with issues concerning American citizens.

Fran Moghaddam has been an active volunteer in campaigns for numerous Republican candi­dates and has also successfully collaborated with conservative Democratic government officials regarding American Health care vs Nanational health system in 1994 when Hillary Clinton was cammpaigning for her health care in our state, other wise we could have national health care since. she is countinuing to do so. She is a member of the Republican National Committe, Republican Senatorial Committee, numerous local Republican Women’s organizations, Tulsa Midtown Rotary Club, Eagle Forum, Ammerican Value, Christian Unlited for Israele, Gun Owners of America, and she is an Okla­homa Grass Roots Team Leader. Moghaddam served on the Tulsa Mayor’s Task Force regarding issues pertaining to parenting as well as public safety and environmental concerns. Certainly with 9-11 in American's history, safety issues are at the forefront of future planning. She is #118 Precint Caucus Chairwoman.

In 2004, she made an unsuccessful bid for Oklahoma State Senate, District #25. Friends and supporters urged her to utilize her vast international experience in a more appropriate forum—political office at the federal level—where her Knowledge of international Languages, Europeans, natinoal health care plan, Middle East custom, religions, and politics could benefit a greater number of American citizens.

“I am Passionatte, honest and dedicated to our citizens and our country. Through my toughest experience as a minority candidate in 2004, I supported our party’s principles and pursued basic Republican values.

I am eternally grateful to God and the United States for my many blessings. I want to give back to my state and my country through the U.S. House of Representatives. My mission is to bring compassion, compromise, caring, coopration, respect and disiplin to reform our health care system and all domastice issues … to travel to Middle Eastern and European countries to educate them about our great nation … and, to establish unity and equality among U.S. citizens for the sake of American freedom and of U.S. soldiers, for without security, nothing else matters.”

Fran Moghaddam operates under this principle: “Her nickname is “Fair’ and her middle name is ‘Disciplined’” to encourage government to use fiscal discipline to stop overspending, create a fair tax system ore lower taxes, grow the economy, and provide more jobs. She also supporter of marriage between one man and one woman, pro-life, teachers, schools, Parenting skill, agriculture, energy (dril it now) and reform education, Social Security, immigration laws.

Editor’s note: Four years ago Iran celebrated the 72nd anniversary of Iranian Women’s Liberation Day, a fact that Fran is very proud of. Shown below (left) is Iranian empress Farah Pahlavi, who gave the speech in honor of this historic occasion in Paris. Her full speech can be seen at Early Oklahoma women voters (circa 1915) are shown on the right. [photo compliments of the Bartlesville Area History Museum, Bartlesville, OK]

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