God’s plan for a little Persian doll in U.S.A

God’s plan for a little Persian doll in U.S., a long journey of her life, and her experience, testimonies, a miracles, healing process, and the documents that she has in our free and democracy country could change so many lives,: In Iran, Middle East, and could effective in our Nation.
Fran Moghaddam as a native of Iran, who was borne and raised in Teheran “when Iran was the best friend of the United State and President Reagan”, Tulsa citizen since August 1993 graduated from the University of Tulsa in 1983 in Management Science, business owner since 1987, in Insurance Industry / Broker. she was successful collaboration with conservative Democratic government officials regarding national health care in 1994,( She believes it was God’s plan).
What ever I have done since I came to the United States was not my plan,” I came to Tulsa for my and my two sons educations”, I am following God’s step every where He takes me.

** I have lost every thing, including my loved ones, and cried out to God and asked him what I have done wrong? At the advice of my doctor, had to forget my native Iran and start from zero hardly and easy road ahead. “I did not know it was my God‘s plan to save me, and my two sons.

** I was honored when I was granted political asylum by the U.S. government in 1985, and when I became a citizen of the United States on August 2, 1993.

** I raised my two sons both of whom have degrees from TU, and have two precious grand sons.

** I ran for the State Senate in 2004, when God told me in my forty days prayers “God allows us to experience problems for the purpose of the building of our character and moral fiber” Romans 5-3-4.

** I ran for the U.S. Congress in 2006 when citizens urged me, were my international experience, education and language skills “would benefit a greater number of American citizens”, God told me, I am walking with the power, because, (the walk of the spirit is The walk of power), I never said it would be easy, I only said it would be worth it. Do not give up, and to be persevere.

Now God told me to write a book to change many lives and to help to stop persecutions of Christians, Jewish, and other minorities, by using my vision. ”It is a gift from God, my experience and the knowledge. “ It is the power from God”.

People who have known me for the over 29 years asked me to write my book, as I was not sure! Fran said " I am eternally grateful to God and the United States for the many blessings, I desire to give back to my God chosen home, the United States of America by writing this book and this is my mission for this nation to the world".

I am depending on my mighty God, loving and forgiving I would appreciate your supports for this Godly mission, and I will back and / or double the fund. I am honored to speak in your Church for the sake of the people whom are victimized in Iran, Middle East and for our own peace. May God bless you and my God chosen home the United States of America.

Fran Moghaddam

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