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Freedom, makes us able to do the Right Thing

I am humbled and honored to receive two messages from President George W. Bush, He said;

Ms. Mo-ghaddam,

Thank you for your dedication to our party, its principles and our candidates for office.

Bsest Wishes

George Bush

To Ms. Farvardin/Fran Moghaddam,

Thank you for your support of the Republican National Committee this critical presidential election year. Your steadfast commitment to our Party's core conservative principles is the key to Republican victories.

Warmest Regards,

George Bush

I supports the Republican Party, stands for citizens’ freedom and voters’ rights, and respect and honors President Lincoln's Civil reform and human rights. President Reagan’s message; "the ugliest thing anyone could do are to show prejudice." President George W. Bush’s message “ I do not care where they were born, I care who they are”!

As a long time Strong Republican, 30 year Tulsa resident and insurance broker business owner since 1987, "I meant what I said and I said what I meant in 2006,” TIME FOR CHANGE, I supports Civil Rights, and our Constitution, I pledge my support to Republicans, Conservative Democrats, and Independents alike, I believe as an American, this country belongs to all of us. We need to work together and support our country for the sake of our freedom and our soldiers. I am seeking to Establish Unity and Equality among our Citizens.

I Bring A UNIQUE AND HIGHLY BENEFICIAL PERSPECTIVE to the political office; First hand knowledge of European National Health Plan and Middle Eastern Politics.

I have been an active volunteer in campaigns for numerous Republicans both Federal and Government, and successfully collaborated with conservative Democratic government officials regarding American Health Care VS European National Health Plan. I am a member of the Republicans National Committee, Senatorial Committee, Presidential Task Force Committee, and earned several “highest and high Honor Certificates “ from President George W. Bush , and was nominated for life time membership in the Republican National Committee by President Bush , Vice President Cheney and the entire national leadership of our Party. I am a member of local Republican woman’s organization, Tulsa Republican Assembly, Mid Town Rotary Club, Eagle Forum, and Oklahoma grass root team leader.

I am very proud of my active role in service to the communitI y.

I have served on the Mayor's Task Force regarding issues pertaining to parenting, as well as public safety and environment of future planning.

I will utilize my VAST INTERNATIONAL, EXPERIENCE, KNOWLEDGE, EDUCATION, and LANGUAGES in a more appropriate forum for Political office at the federal level where my knowledge would benefit a greater number of American Citizens.

People who have known me for 30 years know my passion for the childern and understand my deep desire to serve and help others, and as a strong supporter of GOP values and one who is knowledgeable on health care and other issues. They recognized also that, as a woman and an immigrant from a non-western country, I bring an element of the diversity that it is all too lacking in our Party. Our leaders from President Bush down have frequently emphasized the need for us to reach out to voters beyond the white male and native-born mainstream.

Through my toughest experience as a minority candidate in 2004 and 2006, I supported our party’s principles and pursued basic Republican values for the sake of our freedom and voter’s Rights. I believe that God allows us to experience problems for the purpose of building our character and moral fiber. Roman 5:3-4

I am a conservative Christian, pro life and pro marriage (a man & a woman.) I am not running for the Title or money! I am eternally grateful to God and the United States for my Many Blessing. I desires to give back to my God chosen home, " the United States of America" by serving through the U. S. House of Representative for 1-2 terms.

My mission is; To Support as follows:

* Homeland and National security. Without Security noting else Matters.

*COMPASSION, COMPROMISE, and CARING. To reform our health care system

* Fair tax and Discipline to grow economically and to create jobs.

* To reform immigration law to prevent and resolve illegal immigrants’ problems.

* S.S. reform.

* To reform education and help parents of our new generation.

* To reform the School system to help our Teachers for the sake of our Students.

* High-Tech & Alternative energy and help to resolve the cost of gas (use our resource.)

* To help our farmers to produce healthy nutrition.

* The fight against over spending and Corruption.

* To accomplish our mission in the Middle East.


* I won't make false promises to you regading our government.

* I don't show prefernce to friends or to Special Interests.

* I will respond to your request, Opinions, and complaints.

* I never leave my audience (whom I invite to hear me) without answeing their quwstions!

* I always tell you the truth even though sometimes it is not pleasent.

* I will never disrespect to our President, or put our country down.

* I never cheat or corrupt, or tell you what you want to hear just to please you.

* I never let anyone dictate to me what my issues are!

* I will not use voter's money for fancy and colorful fliers.

* I blieve this seat is NOT a career seat and it belongs to YOU.

* I never hide. I will always be ready to arque debates.

* I will Honor my staff and respect their support for never resining.

* I do not allow my staff or my supporters to disrespect, or harm my opponents.

* Iam not after TITEL OR MONEY

* I feel that this is my middion for this great nation.

* I will arrange a meeting every month to visit with YOU, answere YOUR Questions educate and inform you about the issues.

Please visit my web blog spot at and

HQ; 5212 East 88th St.

Tulsa, Oklahoma 74137

Telephone: (918) 499- 5212,

Fax: (918) 477-9462