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Everyone asked; why? It is sad! And it is a Shame!
I don’t feel that I lost, citizens and I feel that we got cheated again the same as the election IN 2004 and 2006.

IT is not about me; it is about our citizens, our state, our country and our Party!

This time, Oklahoma’s first District grassroots movement showed how they WERE disappointed and upset with the Republican County and Sate Chairs and some elected official.s. They didn’t hear my name as a candidate for Congressional First District from the radio, channel 8 ABC, WHEN THEY ANNOUNCED THE List OF ALL the Republican CANDIDATES. They did not find my campaign’s information in the Republican State website for about the first 10 days after my registration, and was not completed and misspelled!!

Those who voted are more upset and thinking about changing their party. And those who did not see me in the media said; it is about the money not the quality and it hurt our party.
Also the news paper Tulsa World did not print the sample ballot in the news paper night before the Election Day as they used to!!!
The voters feel that they are losing their freedom and forced to have the candidate that they do not like, especially my opponent’s school and college classmates and his staff who resigned and quit on him.
History was repeated in a different fashion / TRICK. IF WE HAD A NORMAL PRIMARY we could have 65-75 % OF TOTAL VOTERS PARTICIPATION, then I COULD HAVE THE HIGHEST RATE OF THE VOTERS.
Weeks after the primary, people still don’t know that the primary is over and I lost! They are still sending email and calling me.

I would like to express my deepest appreciation to those who voted for me, and helped my campaign. And to those who called and sent emails to share their feelings about this election. Churches who sent me the word of God, said “do not give up, there is always hope.” Especially for Bartlesville radio station, KW0N, and News Paper who stands for what is right for our party and our country, Sprint and the league of women Voters who organized CONOCO PHILIPS Company’s Forum Event, Channel 6 NBC. Who put my campaign information in their Web site; Channel 2 KRMG, for participating in my Press conference, and my two Democrat opponents for their respect and compliments at the Tulsa World on July 29 2008, and in person. My Thanks always to the Democrat officials who accept my opinion LETTER AND DOCUMENTS, that National Health care is not right for our country, when our Former First Lady Hillary was visiting our state to campaign for her health care plan in 1994. Last but not least; VICKY provided my POLITICAL questioners info. To the public for the people who did not know me, to see what is the difference between me and my opponent.

This is exactly what happened to my Campaign IN 2008:

At the County, District and the State Convention they did not let Candidates announce their Candidacy for the first time IN OUR HISTORY! Later Tulsa county & REPUBLICAN CLUBS invited all of the candidates except me, for their FORUM, DEBATE and interview on the Radio with the a lot of help by our party 's donations and the volunteers.

After my registration ON June 4th, I attended our State HQ’S party, which was ORGANIZED FOR ALL CANDIDATES, THE State Chairman was not happy and was desperately waiting to see if ONE MORE candidate registers in the last minute of registrations’ deadline, it did not happen. Next day citizens called me and said; Fran they did not announce your name as a candidate ON the radio, did you register and pay YOUR fee? I said yes, I did yesterday. They urged me to call to the radio station which I did with no result. Later other citizens called me and asked why your name is not in the Republican State website? I went to Tulsa County HQ, they told me “it takes another week to put your name in website!” I called our State Chairman who we supported to get elected to protect THE CANDIDATE’S RIGHTS and prevent the Illegal activities that Tulsa Republican county " GOP" had before, he said the same, (he did not care even that I received messages from the President by RNC for my Candidacy) when I reminded him about our past conversation regarding one of his employees, he got upset and said to me “I am not going to talk to you anymore” and hung up on me!!! OTHER Conservative Republicans who supported him to get elected are very disappointed in him also.

With all that we still believed that my name was on the ballot next to my opponent and we were going to get what we NEED, BUT LATER WE found OUT THAT MOST PEOPLE DID NOT RECEIVE NOTICE OR AD FROM THE RADIO, NEWS PAPER AND TV ABOUT the VOTING DATE. THAT IS WHY THEY CALLED IT A VERY QUIET ELECTION, EXCEPT SOME SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS WHO RECEIVED SEVERAL CALLS before the election. Our HQ in TULSA AND WASHINGTON County Worked hard to help Senator Inhofe, while they were helping Senator Inhofe they were promoting my opponent at the same time!! Never admitted and were lying from the first day. My own mailer did not know the voting date! so we missed to mail my flyers!
People who were in my watch party and had an experience in the voting process were shocked, disappointed and upset when they saw 0 votes under my name for a while, and said, “Fran this is odd” and left shortly after.
People know, where and how the dirty money was spent.
I was surprised that some elected officials or candidates and a Christian organization supported the candidate who is only against gay marriage and abortion, nothing else about other important Issues. The one who has been elected for 14 years in STATE AND FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, and still in job training. They misled people about the numbers of people (5-6 THOUSAND) who participated for the event “Christian Unite for Israel in Washington” and said my opponent was there!! While the numbers were 3.5 thousand and Jewish Citizens are not happy with him“LAST YEAR WE HAD OVER 4,000 PEOPLE FROM AROUND THE NATION AND THE WORLD my opponent WAS NOT THERE!! And I had a Great time. To me, whoever is not against those issues are worst than terrorist”! That is why I received a lot of Gmail, post cards and calls about those issues while MY answers were in my press Release as; “ I am Conservative Christian, Pro Life and Pro Marriage ONE MAN AND ONE WOMAN.” They asked me; since you answered to all questioners’ questions NOT your opponent, are you against gay marriage and abortion?
During the course I experienced very disrespectful behavior from the TULSA Republican Club Presidents and our chairmen, but I got a very good response from members and the audiences that they did not like THEIR ATTITUDE, AND I GOT THEIR VOTES. I also received a lot of positive response from East, South and North of Tulsa, Wagoner County, Washington County and Roger County’s citizens.
They profaned my flyer “We Cannot Fool God”, that I wrote to the citizens about the fact of what happened in my LAST TWO campaigns, and they threatened me that they could sue me, while most citizens were happy to know that, because citizens felt that there is something wrong in our party or government but they did not know what it was. I also had interruptions in my internet, telephone line, my website, pay pall acount and countinuing to brake my mail box, crashed my American Flag, and find empty envelop with no name and address with some powder shortly after I came back from Washington on September 2008!! A few days before election I received calls from the person who was supposed to send my phone message to our citizens in 2006. He asked me to pay him for the job he did not do. It showed me where it came from and how desperate they were!!

It was my second experience in my whole life to lose everything that I had earned, the first time during the Khomeini regime, and now by our Republican county and state chairmen and my opponents.
I am proud that I can stand for what is right for our country and our party for the sake of our freedom and security, because I am walking with my God. While so many people are working hard and spending a lot of money to work against me, our party, our citizens and our country. Can we really call them conservative Christian, Republican Americans?

Last month I was surprised when our County Commissioner asked me "at my Rotary Club Luncheon", did you rejester this time 2008? And he said I don't remember that I saw your name on the ballot! And he asked me again did you pay and did they chashed your check? I said yes and yes! The same question and info. from my carpenter!! I may find more later!!!


**The Best Politics is Honesty**

I support English as our first Language in Oklahoma.
Freedom makes us able to do a thing right.
Win or loose,Citizens have the rights to know their candidates and be confident their votes
COUNT!!! We have to respect their decisions.

Dear fellow Republican:
We have to support our party! Stand for our citizen’s freedom, voter’s rights, and respect and honor President Lincoln’s: Civil Reform and Human Rights for our country. President Reagan’s message: “the ugliest thing anyone could do is show Prejudice.” President Bush’s message: “I don’t care where they were born, but I care who they are!”

Our Citizens and grassroots movement feel they are loosing their freedom. People ask me, “Fran, How can you get a vote when your name was not on the Ballot?” How we know you when we did not receive any information and did not hear anything about you in the news or of a debate. People I have known for 30 years were very upset, and said! They did it again!! “They urged me to expose the lies, cheating, and corruption in our Tulsa County Republican Party. Other wise they will continue the same thing over and over. What is the difference between socialism and a free country?!

** That is why I am sharing with you, the facts for now; VS legal action
In 2004, I ran for the State Senate District #25, Citizens / Voters did not see my name on the ballot! I was unaware of this, because I saw my name in my registering precinct. I voted for myself, I did not know that was the only place my name appeared in the precinct at District #25. untill April 2008.

A Republican citizen notified me by email when he was checking the Republican candidates at okgop.com/campaigns.asp (I have an email as proof). Found someone had maliciously corrupted my website. He said, “It does not make you look good.” But upon receiving your mailer today you have good Republican Credentials, Good Luck! My yard signs were constantly removed. Also they endorsed my opponent “who won” before the primary. There were lies about my religion to discourage, mislead citizens not to come to my first Presidential party at the Tulsa Historical Center. They tried to destroy it. They succeeded but not completely; thanks to Ken Mehlman, my son and his friend. They never responded to my complaints from Lt. Governor down! I received emails and calls from citizens who encouraged me and appreciated learning of my experiences. The good ideas I brought to our community. I received congratulations from the NFRW District Directors was forwarded by Jennings Long the president of OFRW at the time.
No thanks to whoever was in charge for Republican Tulsa County Chair, and my opponent, “FOR MY OVER 100 VOTES!” I have told that I have to leave Tulsa Oklahoma or join with Democrats!! They also mentioned that I have to be very careful about my younger son who was very successful in Dallas!! Where is the Christian value? What is the meaning of a Conservative? And who are the Republicans?

In 2006, I ran for U.S. Congress First District. Citizens did not receive my campaign literature and phone messages, “except for a few of them.” They had used my campaign’s person, “Susan ” and got help from Ethics Commission to send my 10,000 campaign materials to over two millions names and addresses in the whole state. “I found that in small court on Sept. 2007.” I tried to take her to trial, she begged me “Please don’t because it will be very ugly!” They sent a flyer on my behalf that made citizens who know me surprised! The State Election Board removed all the telephone numbers from in front of the voter’s names in my Disk/ CD mailer. I paid for the over 11,000.00 telephone numbers, and Steve did not send my phone messages to the voters! They also vanished almost all the newspapers written about me. Our Republican newspaper in Tulsa didn’t print my press release and misspelled my name badly. KFAQ did not respond to my ad and refused the interview with me but interviewed my OPPONENT constantly and accused me of not being qualified! They also canceled my press release and our debates as well.
No thanks to whoever was in charge for Republican Tulsa County Chair, and my opponent
“FOR MY OVER 1,800 VOTES!” My political website was hi jacked.
NOW I receive an email that I should not campaign again because I would not get enough votes!!!!! What happened to our FREE country?

The good news is they can not take away my faith, honesty, prosperity as a Christian, nor my education and international experience, knowledge and languages. They can not buy those values with money!
I will fight for our freedom even though it may cost me more than it already has. It has hurt my business and my credit. I may lose my house, but you are worth it.

Please visit my blog at http://www.franmoghaddam.blogspot.com/ to get to know me!! Contact me at fran.mog@gmail.com to support me for the sake of our Rights and Our Party. You are the power!!! Please vote for me!!!


Vote for Fran Mo-Ghaddam

Vote For Fran
Fran's Biography
For Immediate Release
American Health Care System VS National Health Care Plan
Letter to President George W. Bush
What a coincidence!
Hope in America
War in Iraq
My Book
2008 Tulsa Primary
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I would rather walk poor, with integrity, than have $40,000,000 .00 & propose Farsi language as my opponent did, for the state of the Oklahoma Driver’s License!
Oklahoma United States Congressional First District
On July, 29 2008

I AM Insurance Broker, Small Business Owner, Residence in Tulsa Oklahoma for 30 years, have nominated life membership in Republican National Committee and Honor the fewer than 27,000 Republican men and women compliant in 2006. As a Strong supporter of GOP received several highest and high Honor Certificates of MERIT, and Appreciations for Dedication, Sacrifice, and Commitment from President George W. Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, and RNC Chairmen SINCE 2004.

I was proud that I was born and raised in Teheran Iran, when Iran was the best friend of America in a privileged family with the republican principle values, and I raised my two sons with the same values.
I am also proud that I was the only one in our State/ Country to convince the Democrat officials that National health care is not good for our country, when our former first Lady Hillary Clinton visited our state to campaign for her health care plan in 1994. I always appreciated for their understanding also for my two Democrat opponents' opinions, in Tulsa world on July, 23 2008 and their complimentary and respect in person.

See page on Tulsa World

I am a strong Republican, because it is the only way that we could have our security, our freedom, and free choices of Doctors, Hospitals, and brand name of medicine, Withe less Government, Lest taxes with fair tax, more Business and more Job.

I am Republican because the basic principle of our party are; Civil reform, Human Rights, and our Constitution.
We could stop; corruption, Overspending, special Interest, Partisanship and inflation. And resolve mortgage, gasoline price, and illegal Alien Invasion.
We can reform our school system, education and help our Teachers and Parents.

I ran fro State Senate in 2004 and for U.S. Congress first District in 2006

I AM Honored and Humbled in receiving a message from the President in 2008 that said;

Ms. Moghaddam,

Thank you for your dedication to our party, its principles and our candidates for office.

Best Wishes,

George Bush

Best Wishes by email from Governor Frank Keating and First lady Cathy Keating.

Senator Coburn’s response, at his south Tulsa Town Hall Meeting on June 2008, to his Unhappy & Disappointed audiences from elected official in Washington was: Embrace them, write a letter and call Washington. Don’t Vote for those already in Congress, vote for the one who is Passionate, with Experience and Knowledge and never been in Washington. Fran said: Hallelujah.

My message to you Republicans/Americans:

Remember it is congress that makes the Laws, not the President. He has to work with what is handed to him.
I meant what I said, and I said what I meant in 2006, Time for change, Clean up Congress, For the sake of our Freedom, Voters-Rights, Soldiers, Energy, Health Care and Veterans, Economic , Inflation, Social Security, Education & Parenting, Farmers and the Environment.


ONE VOTE CAN MAKE THE DIFFERANCE; in 1776 one vote gave America the English language instead of German.
I am not running for the Title or money, I would like to pay back, to my mighty God and this great Nation for my many blessing.


PLEASE VISIT MY Bio AND ALL ISSUES at MY web blog http://www.franmoghaddam.blogspot.com/ AND /OR WEBSITE AT http://www.fran4congress.com/Download Fran Mogaddam-Second Revision-with vote for tag-finished-7-24-08.mp3

For Immediate Release

Vote For Fran Fran's Biography For Immediate Release American Health Care System VS National Health Care Plan Letter to President George W. Bush What a coincidence! Hope in America WE CAN NOT FOOL GOD even if WE CAN FOOL PEOPLE! 2008 Tulsa Primary War in Iraq My Book
Fran For Congress

email to: fran.mog@gmail.com


Freedom, makes us able to do the Right Thing

I am humbled and honored to receive two messages from President George W. Bush, He said;

Ms. Mo-ghaddam,

Thank you for your dedication to our party, its principles and our candidates for office.

Bsest Wishes

George Bush

To Ms. Farvardin/Fran Moghaddam,

Thank you for your support of the Republican National Committee this critical presidential election year. Your steadfast commitment to our Party's core conservative principles is the key to Republican victories.

Warmest Regards,

George Bush

I supports the Republican Party, stands for citizens’ freedom and voters’ rights, and respect and honors President Lincoln's Civil reform and human rights. President Reagan’s message; "the ugliest thing anyone could do are to show prejudice." President George W. Bush’s message “ I do not care where they were born, I care who they are”!

As a long time Strong Republican, 30 year Tulsa resident and insurance broker business owner since 1987, "I meant what I said and I said what I meant in 2006,” TIME FOR CHANGE, I supports Civil Rights, and our Constitution, I pledge my support to Republicans, Conservative Democrats, and Independents alike, I believe as an American, this country belongs to all of us. We need to work together and support our country for the sake of our freedom and our soldiers. I am seeking to Establish Unity and Equality among our Citizens.

I Bring A UNIQUE AND HIGHLY BENEFICIAL PERSPECTIVE to the political office; First hand knowledge of European National Health Plan and Middle Eastern Politics.

I have been an active volunteer in campaigns for numerous Republicans both Federal and Government, and successfully collaborated with conservative Democratic government officials regarding American Health Care VS European National Health Plan. I am a member of the Republicans National Committee, Senatorial Committee, Presidential Task Force Committee, and earned several “highest and high Honor Certificates “ from President George W. Bush , and was nominated for life time membership in the Republican National Committee by President Bush , Vice President Cheney and the entire national leadership of our Party. I am a member of local Republican woman’s organization, Tulsa Republican Assembly, Mid Town Rotary Club, Eagle Forum, and Oklahoma grass root team leader.

I am very proud of my active role in service to the communitI y.

I have served on the Mayor's Task Force regarding issues pertaining to parenting, as well as public safety and environment of future planning.

I will utilize my VAST INTERNATIONAL, EXPERIENCE, KNOWLEDGE, EDUCATION, and LANGUAGES in a more appropriate forum for Political office at the federal level where my knowledge would benefit a greater number of American Citizens.

People who have known me for 30 years know my passion for the childern and understand my deep desire to serve and help others, and as a strong supporter of GOP values and one who is knowledgeable on health care and other issues. They recognized also that, as a woman and an immigrant from a non-western country, I bring an element of the diversity that it is all too lacking in our Party. Our leaders from President Bush down have frequently emphasized the need for us to reach out to voters beyond the white male and native-born mainstream.

Through my toughest experience as a minority candidate in 2004 and 2006, I supported our party’s principles and pursued basic Republican values for the sake of our freedom and voter’s Rights. I believe that God allows us to experience problems for the purpose of building our character and moral fiber. Roman 5:3-4

I am a conservative Christian, pro life and pro marriage (a man & a woman.) I am not running for the Title or money! I am eternally grateful to God and the United States for my Many Blessing. I desires to give back to my God chosen home, " the United States of America" by serving through the U. S. House of Representative for 1-2 terms.

My mission is; To Support as follows:

* Homeland and National security. Without Security noting else Matters.

*COMPASSION, COMPROMISE, and CARING. To reform our health care system

* Fair tax and Discipline to grow economically and to create jobs.

* To reform immigration law to prevent and resolve illegal immigrants’ problems.

* S.S. reform.

* To reform education and help parents of our new generation.

* To reform the School system to help our Teachers for the sake of our Students.

* High-Tech & Alternative energy and help to resolve the cost of gas (use our resource.)

* To help our farmers to produce healthy nutrition.

* The fight against over spending and Corruption.

* To accomplish our mission in the Middle East.


* I won't make false promises to you regading our government.

* I don't show prefernce to friends or to Special Interests.

* I will respond to your request, Opinions, and complaints.

* I never leave my audience (whom I invite to hear me) without answeing their quwstions!

* I always tell you the truth even though sometimes it is not pleasent.

* I will never disrespect to our President, or put our country down.

* I never cheat or corrupt, or tell you what you want to hear just to please you.

* I never let anyone dictate to me what my issues are!

* I will not use voter's money for fancy and colorful fliers.

* I blieve this seat is NOT a career seat and it belongs to YOU.

* I never hide. I will always be ready to arque debates.

* I will Honor my staff and respect their support for never resining.

* I do not allow my staff or my supporters to disrespect, or harm my opponents.

* Iam not after TITEL OR MONEY

* I feel that this is my middion for this great nation.

* I will arrange a meeting every month to visit with YOU, answere YOUR Questions educate and inform you about the issues.

Please visit my web blog spot at http://www.franmoghaddam.blogspot.com/ and http://www.fran4congess.com/

HQ; 5212 East 88th St.

Tulsa, Oklahoma 74137

Telephone: (918) 499- 5212,

Fax: (918) 477-9462

American Health Care System VS National Health Care Plan

Vote For Fran
Fran's Biography
For Immediate Release
American Health Care System VS National Health Care Plan
Letter to President George W. Bush
What a coincidence!
Hope in America
War in Iraq
My Book
2008 Tulsa Primary
Fran For Congress
Fran4Congress Audio File

email to: fran.mog@gmail.com

We Have To Do Something, To Become Some Body
I am wondering why they waited 15 years and are still just talking!!!

In 1992-1994, from over 23,000 Insurance Brokers and Agents, and all R. and D. State Elected Officials, I was the one as a successful Business owners in the Insurance profession since 1987, and have an extensive background in this widely debated market, as well having first hand knowledge of the real concerns facing our citizens, especially our senior Citizens with a working knowledge of Europeans’ National health care plan, and their policies, life styles, inflation, and government control. I have responded with detailed letters and documents to Senators Nickels, Boren, Congressman Inhofe and have worked with the government on state level in both parties in an effort to better equip our policymakers with information and facts regarding national health care. Lengthy and fruitful discussions with Mr. Glover, Speaker pro Tem (D), and Laura Boyd, State Rep.(D), led to my preparing materials in anticipation of our former first Lady Hillary Clinton’s visit to our state in 1994 when she campaigned for her National Health Care Plan, which would have been WRONG FOR OUR COUNTRY. As a result they have realized that there is a big deference between American life style with Europeans, and Americans can not tolerate Government control like (socialism or communism) countries. For example, when someone has allergies the Government tells them to remove their carpet and put hard wood floors in Sweden; and High inflation like paying $7 for a gallon of Gas!! $6 for a loaf of bread, $16 for raw chicken, and $40 for a medium Pizza… And they have to wait at least 6 months for major surgery. You can find out about Canadian National Health Care here. While we can reform our health care system by providing affordable comprehensive benefits with 2-3 open options in different ways for different groups of citizens by analyzing each area and groups based on their needs. Also help and educate people who are involved with the health care system to provide accessibility of Clinics with alternative treatment to prevent EXPENSIVE emergency room Cost and our citizens health before they become ill, wich I have provided in detail, and recently forwarded to Senator Coburn’s office as they requested.

I also have received a nice letter from Laura Boyd State Representative D. after Hillary left Oklahoma see below for an excerpt of the letter;

Dear Ms. Moini / Moghaddam

I am in receipt of your fax which you send to me on April 18th, 1994. I always appreciate input from individuals and organizations regarding proposed legislation, and welcome the opportunity to hear from you again in the future.

Sincerely Laura W. Boyd, Ph.D.

State Representative House District 44

Letter to President George W. Bush

email to: fran.mog@gmail.com

This is the letter I am writing to President George W. Bush
Mar, 28 2008

Dear Honorable and Gifted President George W. Bush:

I can not thank you enough for what you have done and continue to do for our country and the world, for the sake of our freedom, and our soldiers. And I am so very sorry that our majority Republican Congress did not do their job well to take us to your goal that you had worked so hard for, as fast as we were desired to see, and ended up with the majority of Democrat Congresses to put us in the situation we are in now.

This is what I had written to Honorable Senator James Inhofe on 10/ 11/ 04

My belief, regarding Senator Kerry’s issues and accusations he made are as follows:

** For the last 70 years, we did not have any President who had faced the same problems as President George W Bush has faced when he took the Office, such as:

*** Recession *** Corruption *** September 11, ** Terror, and ***Stock Market crash***. All at the same time, shortly after he took the Office. So what should we expect about the deficit and the economy?
*** President Bush did not rush to the war with Iraq, nor had miss led us regarding the information every one received from the available intelligence at the time, including Senator Kerry, Mr. Clinton, and other Countries, and the experience that we all had with Saddam. I wish that we never let the UN buy the time for Saddam who could have moved their weapons to either Syria or even France and Iran. France provided guns to Iraqi terror cells in order to kill our solders.

*** The health care system that Senators Kerry and Edwards offers to the American people is
nothing but government control, and creates high inflation while we are going to have tax increases, just like Sweden and the French Socialist Countries who pay $6 for a loaf of bread, around $7 per gallon of gas, $40 for a medium of Pizza, and $16 for raw chicken.

I had written to the voters on August 12, 2004, have singed by President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Chaney.

What President George W. Bush has done?

*** He has stopped Terror in our Country.
*** He has stopped Corruption.
*** He has stopped Recession.
*** He removed Saddam and his two sons like every one asked for.
*** There is no Inflation in these critical time.
*** He resolved our complicated problems with Libya.
*** Liberated two countries.
*** He cut the taxes, helped economy grow, and jobs were created 1.5 Millions.
*** Lower interest rate and provided dream home for Americans.
*** Most importantly he has given us back Prestige and integrity to our white House .

He will Provide us as follow:

*** The best health care system to the public with high emphasis on Senior Citizens.
*** Enhance Parenting skill to prevent children from facing of the current problems.
*** Improve Education Standards to help and to provide our children great future opportunities.
*** Support small Business , Minorities, Women, and all American as they strive to achieve the American dreams.
*** He will complete Liberation, not only for Iraqi but for the regions of Middle East.
*** He will balance the budgets, and create more jobs .
*** He will provide security, happiness, and Hope to all Americans, and the world.

God Bless America and our President George W. Bush

Hope in America

Vote For Fran
Fran's Biography
For Immediate Release
American Health Care System VS National Health Care Plan
Letter to President George W. Bush
What a coincidence!
Hope in America
War in Iraq
My Book
2008 Tulsa Primary
Fran For Congress
Fran4Congress Audio File

email to:

March 8, 2008
International Woman’s Day

If we couldn't’t have a hope here in the United States, where can we have Hope? In Europe! In the Middle East! Or in Asia!

That was my answer in 1990 “when I was a Mayor Task Force Member “as a Minority Woman Small Business Owner”. At the City Counselors Meeting in Tulsa Oklahoma, to the black college educated and Executive Director of one of the none Profit organization when he was mentioned that we have more black Teens in jail because they don’t have any hope to become successful and rich, with their dysfunctional family, so they sale drugs!

My best example for him at the time was our current President, Bill Clinton, who had achieved a good education, successful businessman, became the Governor of Arkansas, and then to the Presidency of the Untied States of America, with his dysfunction family. He was not rich either.

I like people of all races, and respect them all. This is the way I was raised. I have good experience with Black People, especially with my Bishop in one of my Churches. The Democratic Oklahoma Eagle News Paper who printed my press release for my candidacy in 2006 with no misspelling, but our Republican Tulsa Beacon News Paper misspelled my name and did not printed my press release either.

Ms. Oprah Winfrey who I have sent my 2006 political web site to and surprised that she did not support me! I almost know why by now, hope she tells me her reason too!

I also like Senator Obama who carried out my messages regarding unity and civil rights, our President Lincoln’s reforms and some of my other issues like Education and our Teacher’s training and more. He shows to the Nation and the world how our Citizens are ready for that.

I always accept the fact with no fear or anger Yes I have noticed Senator Obama’s skin and hair is lighter! But my question for him is why he does not wear the American flag and used some other Country’s Flag that we as a nation are not friends with, now in his campaign?

God Bless America My God Chosen Home.

War in Iraq


It is hard for some peoples to feel and understand how hard it is to lose everything that you have known/earned including the love ones, like people in the Middle East (Iran) and September 11!

I have written to our President George W. Bush; with all respect for the Conservative Democrats.
May/ 12/ 2004

Mr. President we are proud of you for removing Saddam (OCTOPUS), we appreciated
and honored your father who stopped the war between Iran and Iraq. We are praying and hoping that you could cut the OCTOPUS' legs off, (Syria, Saudi Arabia, Ben laden, Tale ban, Arafat, Iran, Sudan, France, Germany, Russia). The reason that we are still losing our solders, and the war is going slower is because terrorists are so clever and receive support, and hope from those countries, and at least 40% of Americans are Democrats.

To me, terrorism in the Middle East started with Mr. Jimmy Carter and his administration, by removing the Shah of Iran who was good friends' of Americans as “PRESIDENT REAGAN SAID In 1982“ , and used Khomeini to abuse and destroy millions and millions of Iranians’ homes and families, who are Shiah, Christian, Jewish etc…., and gave the power to the Arab the countries who are mostly Sunni, who have killed their own Prophet Mohammad’s immediate families," for the power", in the same time they hurt American economics too. Let’s not forget that Khomeini treated Iranian people as badly as Saddam did.

To succeed for their ideas they brain-wash young people ( College students) and went to the lower class of Iranian peoples “door to door” who were living comfortably, even though they were people with no experience in politics, little or no education were used and fooled with the story that they had a rich country, and told them if you help us remove the Shah, you would receive $ 1,000 (Iranian dollars) per family member each month. And you would not need to work at all for the rest of your life, "the same type of promises are being made by democrats to young and uneducated, poor Americans around the election time". Shortly after the revolution they were poorer and could not even afford to buy bread and were afraid to talk because for losing their life. Thanks to Mr. Carter.

Bill Clinton took advantage of your fathers’ hard work for our good economic, also by not doing his job, he put us in this situation, in another words he did not prevent the cancer (terrorism). Now it is spreading every where and still they do not give up. Madam Madeline, the Secretary of State still believes that we have to put sanctions on Iran in state to help and resolve their problems to secure our country and the world, while the Iranian people, not their government, are already in extreme poverty and have to sale wives and daughters to slavery or prostitution to get money. Jimmy Carter is building a home for poor people so he could justify his actions.


God Bless America

Fran Moghaddam
Tulsa Oklahoma

What a coincidence!

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What a coincidence!
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I am a successful American business owner with practical knowledge of international languages, European national health care, and Middle Eastern politics.

This is my message:

Dear Fellow Oklahomans—YOU are the Power:

As a Republican and an Oklahoman who supports Civil Rights and our Constitution, I pledge my support to you—Republicans, Democrats, and Independents—I am one of you. As a minority, I have been in your shoes since I graduated from the University of Tulsa in 1983 and through my toughest experience as a candidate in 2004 for State Senate District #25. Our President supports minority women and small business owners. I am walking with the power because of the spirit of (God) “I never said it would be easy, I only said it would be worth it,” Jesus told us. I am no quitter! I will persevere.

The President and First Lady recently honored Rosa Parks at her funeral as a Civil Rights pioneer. Dr. Condoleezza Rice said that if it weren’t for Rosa Parks, she would not hold the position she has today as Secretary of State. I respect our party’s principles and honor the reforms our party has made, such as: the 1964 Civil Rights Act … the 1965 Voting Rights Act … the 13th Amendment banning slavery … and, the 14th Amendment giving voting rights to blacks (minorities). [Michael Zak, Back to Basics for the Republican Party] Presi­dent Reagan said the ugliest thing anyone could do is show prejudice.). Our President George W. Bush said I don’t care where they born, I do care who they are.

I was proud that I was born and raised in Tehran, when Iran was the best friend of America (as President Regan said in 1979, “We have lost our best friend in the Middle East.) and espe­cially honored when given political asylum in 1985, and citizenship by the United States Government in 1993—I received those with great respect. More than 90% of Americans have never lived in Europe or the Middle East and do not know any other languages than their own. Most Americans do not know really what is going on there. With their big and good hearts, they believe most everything that they see on the “little box” that we call television. I do not want anyone to go through what I experienced and I do not want anyone to ever suffer what the victims of September 11th suffered.

My Dear Fellow Americans, this country belongs to all of us and we need to join together, like a strong chain, to support our country for the sake of our soldiers and our freedom. To achieve this monumental task, we should not send the wrong and negative message to the world—we do not want to damage our image and put ourselves down in the eyes of Europeans and Middle-Eastern. We do not want to give hope to and energize terrorists into killing more of our soldiers and innocent people. We definitely do not want to fail!

I support complete liberation not only for Iraq, but for the entire Middle East region. For the sake of our security, freedom, and the world, we have to give something to get back more. My heart goes out to the parents who have lost daughters and sons in the war. My heart goes out to the people who have been tortured and killed in bizarre ways and who have lost most members of their families because of ruthless dictators; my heart goes out to the millions and millions of Middle Eastern people who have cried out to God, day and night for more than 20 years. Finally, God has answered their prayers. Our First Lady went to Middle Eastern countries to help women have a democracy and become free—like us! Without security, nothing matters.

The issues of greatest concern to me, because they affect so many citizens, are as follows:

Health Care System
I am an advocate for providing the best health care system to the public with high emphasis on senior citizens. Ever since I became a health insurance provider (broker), my passion has been to insure all Americans with affordable health care, because it is the moral and ethical thing to do—not just to make money for the business. I believe it is imperative to challenge and reform our health care system with regard to physician and clinic accessibility … providing prevention and alternative treatments and benefits … educating people on healthy lifestyles BEFORE they become ill; right now, doctors are forced to rush patients through their offices, they do not have time to establish effective communications nor good rapport. Keeping attorneys busy with lawsuits is NOT a feasible way to ensure good health care—thanks to our President who signed a tort reform bill; this is no longer an issue.
As a successful business owner in the insurance profession since 1987, I have an extensive back­ground in this widely-debated market as well having first-hand knowledge of the real con­cerns facing our citizens. I have corresponded with President Bush and have worked with the government on the federal and state levels (in both parties) in an effort to better equip our policymakers with information and facts regarding national health care. Lengthy and fruitful discussions with Mr. Glover, Speaker Pro Tem (D), and Laura Boyd, State Representative (D), led to my preparing materials in anticipa­tion of our former First Lady Hillary Clinton’s visit to our state in 1994 when she campaigned for her health care plan, which would have been wrong for our country. As Presi­dent John F. Kennedy said, “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your coun­try.” I did my part as an individual and I am grateful for Mr. Glover’s and Ms. Boyd’s responses and acceptance of my opinions based on my knowledge and experience in the health care insur­ance arena. If we sit back and ask that our Governor or President does everything for us, WE ARE ASKING FOR SOCIALISM. So we need to work together. My vision and ability to persuade people when I recognize what is the right thing to do, is a gift from God.
I am a member of NAIFA (National Association of Insurance & Financial Advisers) and TAHU (Tulsa Asso­cia­tion of Health Underwriting).

Tax Cuts
I believe that permanent cuts can provide more jobs for Oklahomans and the country as a whole. My nickname is “Fair” and my middle name is “Discipline” (fair taxes, fiscal discipline). I have two sons who left our state because business opportunities were better elsewhere. With tax cuts, business can grow and more jobs will be provided.

Energy & High-Tech
We need to reduce our dependence upon foreign oil … and since we receive 60% of our oil from other countries, we must continue development of new technology and continue our search for new energy resources within the United States.

Marriage, Family, Parenting & Education
We must enhance parenting skills to prevent children from facing current problems; improving educa­tion stan­dards can provide our children with great future opportunities. We have to prevent dysfunctional families and that starts with the right marriage. We may consider wanting to challenge our educational system regarding math, homework, reading, spelling, and public educa­tion, to have more knowledge about the foreign countries—importing, export­ing, economics, lan­guages, geography, and history—and choosing their base major in the 9th grade like in Sweden, Iran, and other European countries. Not everyone needs to go to college if they have a good education in high school or can become a technician. Concerning teachers—some may need to be re-evalu­ated … some of them may need more education … some may need to be trained … and some may need counsel­in (e.g., regarding the problems of sex with their students). We should offer teachers and schools more rewards through healthy competition to further their knowledge and effectiveness. Parents, teachers, and the schools need to work together for the sake of our children’s future and success.

Social Security
For the sake of our young and new generations, we need to reform our Social Security to give them the opportu­nity and free choice to invest part of their Social Security in secure government investments. They should be able to keep their Social Security for retirement and pass it on to their heirs—not give it to the government!

Regarding our problem with the Mexican border—since those poor people need to come to our country (land of opportunity) and make some money, and since our businesses need economical hard workers, and since we also need to protect our country from terrorists and drug dealers, here were/are my comments: We need very strong immigration rules and regulations, with the cooperation of Mexico’s leader who can discipline and educate his people to know that they could come to the U.S. based on their needs and honesty, and would have to meet all U.S. immigration guide­lines. Otherwise, they would be faced with harsh consequences. For the people who are already here illegally, working and trying to further their careers, we should provide legalization and give them the opportunity to succeed as long as THEY DO NOT HAVE A CRIMINAL BACKGROUND. Otherwise, they must be deported.

Public and Private Environmental Issues
We must make more efforts to prevent unnecessary injuries, diseases, and sicknesses as well as preserve nature’s delicate balance—this will greatly improve our environment and also lower our health care costs. In order to achieve this task, it is imperative to educate, properly train, support, and guide those who are involved.

University of Tulsa—BS in Management Science
Will Rogers State College, AA in Business Administration
Self Employment Education Development Program
Licensed and Certified in Life and Health Insurance, Banking, Secretarial Sciences, and pursuing Master’s degree in political science.

I am very proud of my active role in service to the community: I have served on the Mayor’s Task Force regarding issues pertaining to parenting, as well as public safety and environ­mental con­cern. Certainly with 9-1-1 in America’s history, public safety issues are at the forefront of our future planning.
I have practical knowledge of international languages … Europeans’ national health care system, policies, lifestyles, inflation (Europeans pay over $3 for a liter of gas, $6 for a loaf of bread, and $40 for a medium-sized pizza, and $16 for raw chicken in Russia) and government control. And I also have practical knowledge of Middle East religions, customs, economics, and politics.
I worked for an international Iranian oil company.
I was employed as an operations clerk on computers and as an administrative assistant in the United States; I was also a supervisor/teller over banking operations.

Served as an assistant to the Deputy of Organization of Education Evaluation.
Served as Director of Public Relations, supervising and approving university budgets.
Served as an assistant to the Deputy of Secretary of Science and Higher Education.
Served as a coordinator of public relations and copywriter of media plans for Secretary of Science & Higher Education.

Volunteer in campaigns for Congressman/Senator Jim Inhofe, Congressman Steve Largent, Sena­tor Bob Dole, Governor Frank Keating, Senator Tom Coburn, and President George W. Bush
Member of Republican National Committee
Member of Republican Senatorial Committee
Member of Presidential Task Force
Member of RNC Presidential Victory
Member & First Lady of Oklahoma Federation of Republican Women’s Club
Member of Tulsa County Republican Women’s Club
Associate of Lynn Lane Republican Women’s Club
Associate of After-Five Republican Women’s Club
Associate of Republican Men’s Club
Oklahoma Grass Roots Team Leader

My principles are based on honesty, integrity, morality, forgiveness, and love of people. I am conser­va­tive in my beliefs regarding marriage and family, and I raised my children with the same values. The result of my forty years of marriage is my two adult sons. I am proud to have their devotion and support. My older son grew up in England and attended Cimbolton School in Cambridge; he later graduated from the University of Tulsa and married. My younger son, attended American School in Teheran Iran and graduated from Cascia Hall Preparatory School, attended Oklahoma State University for two years and earned his degree from the University of Tulsa; he is also married, and they are the parents of my two adorable, intelligent grandsons, I believe that every citizen should have quality education, as my sons received.

I began attending the Church on the Rock and the Church of the Living God and found Christianity. I am a 16-year member of East­wood Baptist Church and draw strength, patience, and endurance from God. I also participate in activities of the Victory Christian Center and became Member since “God uses trouble to teach us to trust; troubles produce patience and patience produces character and character produces HOPE.” Romans 5:3-4.


* I support the fight against corruption, over-spending, and would use that money for health, education, parenting, and the people who need it the most.
* I support Civil Rights, and our Constitution, to bring equality, unity, Democracy and freedom for peace.
* I support human rights, human dignity, competitions, women movement, and KEEPING English the official language of our Country.
* After 40 years the dreams of Dr. Martin Luther King need to become a reality under our President George W. Bush leadership. “If Rosa Parks could do it I can do it too”.

My Promises to you, fellow Oklahomans:

I won't make false promises to you regarding our government.
I never leave my audience (whom I invite to hear me) without answering their questions.
I don’t show preference to friends over my audiences or citizens.
I will not use voter money for fancy and colorful fliers over and over for my own campaign or other occasions.
I will respond to your requests, opinions, and complaints.
I never let anyone dictate to me what my issues are.
I always tell you the truth even though sometimes it is not pleasant.
I am not after title or money.
I feel that this is my mission.
People, who have known me for almost 28 years, “in Tulsa”, know my passion for the children and understand my deep desire to serve and help others.

Due to the very unfortunate incidence, citizens in my district were unable to get my message

And my campaign website has been hacked.