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March 8, 2008
International Woman’s Day

If we couldn't’t have a hope here in the United States, where can we have Hope? In Europe! In the Middle East! Or in Asia!

That was my answer in 1990 “when I was a Mayor Task Force Member “as a Minority Woman Small Business Owner”. At the City Counselors Meeting in Tulsa Oklahoma, to the black college educated and Executive Director of one of the none Profit organization when he was mentioned that we have more black Teens in jail because they don’t have any hope to become successful and rich, with their dysfunctional family, so they sale drugs!

My best example for him at the time was our current President, Bill Clinton, who had achieved a good education, successful businessman, became the Governor of Arkansas, and then to the Presidency of the Untied States of America, with his dysfunction family. He was not rich either.

I like people of all races, and respect them all. This is the way I was raised. I have good experience with Black People, especially with my Bishop in one of my Churches. The Democratic Oklahoma Eagle News Paper who printed my press release for my candidacy in 2006 with no misspelling, but our Republican Tulsa Beacon News Paper misspelled my name and did not printed my press release either.

Ms. Oprah Winfrey who I have sent my 2006 political web site to and surprised that she did not support me! I almost know why by now, hope she tells me her reason too!

I also like Senator Obama who carried out my messages regarding unity and civil rights, our President Lincoln’s reforms and some of my other issues like Education and our Teacher’s training and more. He shows to the Nation and the world how our Citizens are ready for that.

I always accept the fact with no fear or anger Yes I have noticed Senator Obama’s skin and hair is lighter! But my question for him is why he does not wear the American flag and used some other Country’s Flag that we as a nation are not friends with, now in his campaign?

God Bless America My God Chosen Home.

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