President Obama Assured Me That He Wasn't Spending Tax Payer Money On Abortions and Illegal Immigrant Health Insurance

Mr. President Obama, PLEASE do not forget that I was the only one that started working on our health care reform in 1992 responding to R. Senator Don Nicolas’ request. In 1993, I shared letters and documents with D. Senator David Boren, as his office requested, that were based on my experience, knowledge and passion for this great nation.

I am so glad that President Obama assured me that he is not spending our tax payer’s money on abortions and illegal immigrant health insurance. He’s also continuing to work and respect Republicans. He appreciated R. Senator McCain’s proposal, based on his experience, to make the best and safe coverage for our citizens, such as: nationwide benefits with lower premiums, better benefits and lowering the cost of medicine for all legal citizens, which I believe is very possible. To achieve this monumental task we also need to provide alternative treatments by specialists like Nutrition Doctors, soft tissue specialists, etc., as a part of our insurance benefits to reduce the cost of insurance which would in turn cause us to have a healthier population and save time for our doctors.

First things first, we need to stop corruption, and insurance and Medicare fraud, as well as, overspending and professional liabilities"we need to have patient’s rights", lobbyist and special interest.

I always respect people, especially our President and the White House. I do not like to see anyone using abusive language to disrespect our president. I was soooo upset and ashamed as an American when Liberals had such ugly language and bad attitudes towards our President Bush and other elected officials. They have never apologized. I would also like to ask Mr. David Axelrod, the White House senior advisor if Sandi Shieh was representing all Americans? I respect the White House senior advisor’s opinion and expect he respect the citizens’ opinion as well. We could not deny millions of Americans, Republicans, Democrats and Independents who put their time, money and effort to share their requests with their elected officials who are supposed to share and consult the most important issues with their voters and show their respect and care.

I believe we paid a huge price and have waited for over 15 years, and I agree with some Americans who cannot wait any more. We are mature and must understand that we cannot rush to the wrong solution and pay for the rest of our lives. Who do we need to blame? Congress who makes the Law, not our President.

I have to report that as long as I can remember there has been enough insurance companies that have been providing short term (1 - 18 months) major medical insurance which is designed for students and people who are between jobs. There are some young and healthy people who also have a high faith in our almighty God and would not like to spend their money for health insurance. There are some groups of people who do not know what their priorities are and they would rather spend their money in bars every night after work or buy a luxury car, and then claim that they do not have money or can not afford health insurance! It only leaves us with a small portion of our citizens who do not have insurance for different reasons, which is very easy to cover the needs of those few that do not currently have it.

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